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The Blue Enchantress (2009)

The Blue Enchantress (2009)
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The Blue Enchantress (2009)
The Blue Enchantress (2009)

About book: This book was a disappointment. I thought the Red Siren was a bit boring, but it is better compared to the second book in the series. This book is boring and I feel like I have to force myself to finish it. It just didn't captivate me. One thing that made me lower the rating is how cheesy it is. For example, in one scene there is a strange dark cloud over the ship and Hope is praying asking God for forgiveness. She feels a cold presence in the room and like someone is trying to choke her and when she's done praying the feeling goes away and so does the dark cloud over the ship. Now, I believe in miracles and feeling the presence of evil, but this book takes it to the point where it feels very unrealistic. Some parts of the book I wanted to roll my eyes because it was so unbelievable. I hope the 3rd book in the series is a bit better. So I have now learned not to read books in a series until I have the complete set. I read the 1st of this series and could not wait for The Blue Enchantress to come out. It was well worth the wait..but after a year or so of waiting I started from the beginning. I really enjoyed this book so much. I really liked the characters and story. It is a great book filled with adventure and different from many christian books on the shelves. It was a very enjoyable read...left me wanting it is def a book I will keep and not give away. One I will read over and over! Great job MaryLu Tyndall!
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I loved it but the ending is always trouble! Something always happens that leads to the next book!
Another great book. Believe it or not, I found it a little scary. Can't wait to start #3
Loving the Charles Towne Belles series!
Loved it, hard to put down.
did not like it at all muh
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