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The Bonding (2008)

The Bonding (2008)

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1594268673 (ISBN13: 9781594268670)

About book The Bonding (2008)

This is a well written novel and honestly it entranced me from the moment I started reading it, but I ended the book very confused. The story line was okay but it left me wanting something more of a conclusions, a climax anything, sex, book done. It leaves an opening for another book but I'm not sure I want to go out an buy that if it ends like this one. For an Erotica this book was okay, but as a story it didn't explain everything and every time our main heroine was trying to explain it she was shut up by her domineering partner/match who instantly fell in love with her. The novel left me with more questions than answers. Not bad. The whole submission thing is a mood killer for me but it wasn't very heavy and it was pretty obvious Grae really liked her so it didn't come across as chauvinistic or anything like that and it was bearable if not exciting. I also liked Cash a lot. Too bad he didn't show up much. He definitely seemed to be more interesting than Grae.I did find this awfully short and saturated with sex.

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I loved this book!!such a great read!!

Might try one more in this series.

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Is a great book to read

2.5 Stars!

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