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The Book Of Deacon (2010)

The Book of Deacon (2010)

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About book The Book Of Deacon (2010)

Well... I really like the idea, but there was only one surprise in whole book for me (She is not the chosen one), the rest was predictable from the very beginning. I hate when the character know nothing and then in another second, know everything and is the most powerful creature in the world - it is the worst thing you can possibly do, it not natural,it is illogical and uncreative. But I must say I am quite happy with the way this knowledge boom is done, it could be worse - remember Eldest? When that thing with the dancers happened, I closed book and didn't even looked at it for three months.So because of that only three stars. But I will definitely read another book and I hope she knows everything now!.. :) Got this book as a free nook book and it stayed unread for a while just for the length of the book and typical fantasy fiction blurb. When I did end up reading it I had a pleasant experience discovering a fairly well paced story with an interesting protagonist. I especially liked the learning magic sections but unfortunately that was the most hurried through. When I finished this, I immediately bought the next two books which is the best possible reflection of my feelings about this universe.

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This is a very interesting first book. There is a lot of potential and the writer has a good style.

This is a great fantasy series I just couldn't put down. I have been looking to read the next few

Heroine's a bit pushy, the anti-hero's a bit annoying. Good book

Really good book. Really good story. Already on to the next one!

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