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The Book Of Three (2006)

The Book of Three (2006)
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The Book Of Three (2006)
The Book Of Three (2006)

About book: I have often heard about the Chronicles of Prydain as it said to set standards of excellence in fantasy for children’s literature. Honestly, I really wanted to read fantasy books from the past for it evoke a sentimental feeling in me, maybe because of it written in the year of 1964? For I believe that fantasy from the past (The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc…) are more original for they are less influence by technology and just based on pure thoughts, humble opinions that makes heroic deeds much more believable and rooting, the quality of its magic and adventure is much grounded which makes it somehow much more possible to happen. Its wisdom is not totally old-fashioned but has a sentimental quality in it for it is picked from troubled times. And that’s how I’ve decided to read about the land of Pyrdain. In The Book of Three --the first of the five books in the series-- we are introduced to Taran, an assistant pig keeper who grumbles on just how he lives his life and yearns to go into battle and search for an adventure like his hero, Prince Gwydion. An unfortunate incident I wouldn’t spoil makes the pig, Hen Wen that Tarran keeps escapes from her pen and thus the adventure of the just pig-keeper begins. He starts his journey together by meeting an unexpectedly companion he yearns to meet, and then starts a new with a strange assortment of companions on a dangerous mission to save his beloved land of Pyrdain (this part reminds me of the Final Fantasy series for its recruiting allies, though this would remind me that the latter doesn’t own the concept). At times, Taran irritates me by his clumsiness and finds it as his necessary weakness, which makes me care for him through his adventure. He is also carefully illustrated by the author for sometimes when he tries to act sincere and heroic; he is suddenly mocked by his companions which I think is funny and gives the novel a jolly atmosphere even though in times of impending troubles. But I’ll conclude that is Taran’s way of coping with the situation, he knows he isn’t capable, but to act as if can somehow lift the situation. Facing the evil leader who threatens the peace of Pyrdain; makes me wonder how Tarran could have defeated such powerful creature. And I wouldn’t want to read something far-fetched and contrive. But that aspect is the one that what makes the book unpredictable. The characters fragility makes you care for them until the end. All of them are carefully described and characterized. I can’t recall if I was depressed while reading this one, but I find myself on the verge of tears as I reached the end. I am very sentimental but it is not often and is rare for a book to make me cry. I really can’t put a finger on any particular part, aspect or scene of the book that makes it special, I guess the book as a whole is what I should be referring. After I’ve finished this one I had to read the next book to see what happened. Not that the first book can’t stand alone, it is simply because of the fact that it’s too exciting and compelling that I just wanted to know what’s next.I recommended this not just for fantasy readers but for everyone who wants to read something entertaining in a short sweep, for its wisdom and sense of heroism. The prose is easy to read and the story flows smoothly and fast that makes it much readable. It can also be classified as a coming-of-age story for after the adventure, Tarran learns of his growth and maturity and what quality he admires for his hero, he unconsciously possessed. And that is something far more rewarding for the reader as Tarran accomplished. The book contains everything a great book should have, great adventure, foreboding danger, sense of evil, and love and death.There are books you feel warm that stays with you and never be forgotten and The Book of Three is one for me. I highly recommend it to everyone.Opening Sentence: Taran wanted to make a sword; but Coll, charged with the practical side of his education, decided on horseshoes.Ending Sentence: “Hwoinch!” said Hen Wen..

عنوان اصلی جلد نخست از سری پنج جلدی در زبان اصلی «کتابِ سه» است، هرچند نخستین جلد از سری «ماجراهای پرید‌این» میباشد، عنوان سری د‌ر برگردان فارسی به «افسانه های پرید‌این» و عنوان جلد نخست «تاران و شمشیرِ سحرآمیز» انتخاب شده است، عنوان اصلی جلد دو نیز «پاتیل سیاه» بوده که بانو سیادت عنوان «تاران و پاتیل جادویی» را برای آن برگزیده، عنوان اصلی جلد سوم «قلعه ی لیر» بوده که با عنوان «تاران و قصر قدیمی» چاپ شده است، جلد چهام نیز عنوان اصلی اش «تاران سرگشته» بوده که در برگردان فارسی عنوان «تاران و آیینه مرموز» برای آن انتخاب شده است، عنوان اصلی جلد پنجم نیز «شاهِ اولا» بوده که مترجم آن را «تاران و فرمانروای بزرگ» نامیده استسری پنج جلدی «افسانه‌های پرید‌این» د‌ر د‌هه‌ی 60 میلاد‌ی برای نخستین بار در ایالات متحده به چاپ رسید‌ه، به نوشته مهتاب روشنگران: «لین کارتر»، منتقد‌ مهم اد‌بیات فانتزی، از قول نویسنده سری «ماجراهای پریداین» نقل می‌کند‌، که جد‌ا از اثرپذیری ایشان از «تالکین»، کار او ملهم از کتابِ مهم د‌یگری د‌ر اد‌بیات فانتزیِ قرن بیستم، یعنی «شمشیر د‌ر سنگ» نیز هست (کتابی که به افسانه‌های «آرتورشاه» می‌پرد‌ازد‌). همین مهم باعث شد‌ه تا سری «پرید‌این»، علاوه بر د‌اشتن المان‌های فانتزی بزرگسال، به طنز و شوخ و شنگیِ فانتزی‌های نوجوان هم نزد‌یک بشود‌. احمد شربیانی
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Anthony Ryan
This is really where it all began for me. Over three decades ago this book set me on the path to a lifelong love of, and later career, in fantasy fiction. Between the ages of ten and thirteen I must have read this book six times or more, along with all the others in the series. Alexander's blend of Welsh legend and modern fantasy tropes is both enchanting and compelling and the adventures of Taran, orphan and assistant pig-keeper, are a truly classic example of the hero's journey from boy to man. If there are any young people in your life in need of an addiction that won't see them in rehab one day, this is an excellent first fix.
Bryce Wilson
Blast From The Past Year Zero: Hooboy. I have conflicted feelings about the book, and my feelings about those conflicted feelings are also conflicted. So there's that. To make a long story short I loved this series when I was kid, I needed to pick up a gift for my nephew who is apparently Mini-Me, so I grabbed him the first couple of books in this series. Figured I'd give him something better to read then the Eragon type crap he's reading now. Of course I couldn't resist but take a look at them first, after all it's been about ten years since I've read these things. I was both satisfied and disappointed. To get the bad out of the way what my twelve year old self didn't notice is that Lloyd Alexander is not a particularly graceful writer. One could even call him clunky. If one was cruel one could say that he lays on exposition like it's fucking mortar. Also it's pretty clear now that Alexander is basically doing Tolkien for kids, right down to the grotesque man creature with a panache for talking in the third person, a wise mentor who "falls into darkness" only to come out with a greater understanding of the world and Olde English mythology. The characters who once lived in my mind now come off as pretty flat and the quest that once seemed so important is now kind of pat. Some of these things would deepen as the series went on, some wouldn't.That said, what still holds this above the crap mill of JK Rowling wannabes that passes as young adult fantasy literature today, is the fact that there is a real imagination burning beneath this thing. He didn't write it because that's where the money is, he wrote it because he felt he had too. Also I have to love the fact that someone apparently told Lloyd Alexander that the purpose of Young Adult literature is to scare the shit out of young adults. The main antagonist The Horned King, goes around wearing a human skull his arms literally stained red from blood, and is introduced burning men alive inside wicker baskets. I'm always going to have an affection for these books, as far as I can recall they are the first ones that made me write. So I owe my life of poverty and degradation to Mr. Alexander at least in part. Still I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed. Was I unfair? It is after all a children's book, the point of which is not to confuse the shit out of children. Yeah I probably was unfair, but what can I say? You always expect more from the one's you love.
Abby Johnson
Based on Welsh mythology, this book tells the tale of Taran, the lowly Assistant Pig-Keeper, who gets wrapped up in a quest to stop the Great Horned King from destroying the land of Prydain. Accompanied by a rugged band of compatriots, including a displaced princess, an exagerating unofficial bard, and a wolf man, Taran feels that every decision he makes on the journey is the wrong one... Does the rugged band have what it takes to stop the evil spreading over the land?LOVED this book. I'm so sad that I didn't have it when I was 12 years old. I loved it now, I would have adored it then. The action starts from the very beginning and doesn't let up. Although it's an involved fantasy, the short chapters make the reading a bit easier. Alexander has created a beloved and immortal world and I'm so happy that I've finally discovered it. Highly recommended for fantasy fans and those waiting for the big HP. ;)Readalike suggestions: For anyone interested in bards and Welsh mythology, suggest "A String in the Harp" by Nancy Bond, also possibly "Darkhenge" by Catherine Fisher.
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