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The Border Vixen (2010)

The Border Vixen (2010)
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The Border Vixen (2010)
The Border Vixen (2010)

About book: This was a classic Small where you're taken back into time, into the tangles of history and love, murder and deceit. History is woven flawlessly through a romance that kept me hooked from beginning to end. There were moments where I had to say no - that's an exaggeration. Points like where the heroine seemed to have abilities that were a little questionable as her barefoot running skill that could outdistance any man. But those incidents are woven so easily into the charm of the story with engaging characters that you forgive an exaggeration or two. What attracted me to read this book was the sword-wielding, athletic, competive, fearless, outspoken heroine Maggie. I was curious how the author would portray such an unusual 16th century Scotswoman. I liked the beginning of the book but about 3/4 into it I lost interest as once Maggie married and had children she hung up her sword and became domestic (though still strong willed). When a conflict arose and she was ready to raise her sword again it just never happened. Big disappointment. It wasn't a wasted read in fact I breezed through it. I really liked her love interst, Finn. But be forewarned that there are some X-rated love scenes, which were fine when Maggie and Finn were the couple, but not the other characters.
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There will be an overall review for The Border Chronicles once I'm finished with book six.
Very, very sexy as is most of the stuff she writes. My husband appreciated it. lol
The story had potential, but the writing style completely ruined it for me.
Historical RomanceBertrice Small -- Always a good read!
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