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The Boy In The Smoke (2014)

The Boy in the Smoke (2014)

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Before reading this I didn't read any of the previous books in this series by Ms. Johnson.This book is perfect, thrilling and a little bit chilling. Although the beginning is slow and dull, i had to push through to get to the interesting parts. Even though the beginning was hard to read it was interesting and kept my slight interest. The progression of this book took a turn of events I wasn't expecting, to be honest I had no clue to where this book was going in the first place, but still.Overall it is a great book (a very short one might I add), great plot (it took me by surprise) and a brilliant twist in the book I wasn't expecting. Therefore you must read this book and think it as brilliant as I do. The Boy in the Smoke is a good read for those of you who have read The Shades of London books. If you haven't read these then I feel that the story line is less than exciting. It gives you a greater insight to Stephen - my favourite ghost fighting policeman - giving him more depth as a character. Also, even though it's only a short Maureen Johnson is still able to utterly creep me out, little girl ghosts as the scariest kind of ghosts!

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At first, I was sceptical but it just drew me in.Definitely a World Book Day Token well spent.

I now want to read the Shades of London series; this is well-written and pretty dark.

Absolutely perfect story for Stephen. It's fitting and beautiful and haunting.

great book and a great concept, not a great ending though

amazing. havent finished it yet, but so far, really good.

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