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The Boy Project: Notes And Observations Of Kara McAllister (2012)

The Boy Project: Notes and Observations of Kara McAllister (2012)

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0545345154 (ISBN13: 9780545345156)
Scholastic Press

About book The Boy Project: Notes And Observations Of Kara McAllister (2012)

This story is told from the point of view of a 7th grader where relationships last 1-7 days, and navigating middle school is difficult. Kara decides to embark on a study of her classmates to find her soul mate and get into a relationship as soon as possible. Endevors that include a trip to the boys room, the principals office and finding surprising insight from her older sister are just a few of the mishaps that befall Kara as she tries to discreetly observe the boys and finds some facts along the way. A cute look at how to wiggle through life as a pre - teenager and its social challenges. The overall book was very good I enjoyed it a lot. The thing that I liked the most about the book was how the main character was like a typical teenager who you could relate to. I liked how she didn't let Maybelline get to her with the whole diaper thing and instead made it into a bag, I thought that that was a great message. I loved how she went through all the work to get a boyfriend and in the end finally got one.

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it was pretty good... though the beguning was slow and it was strange and kind of childish

This book was good. It was nothing that I expected it to be.

This book was AMAZING I would read it over and over again!

I loved it so much. I finished it in a couple of hours!

it was ok, i am not a huge fan but it was good.

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