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The Bride Wore Pearls (2012)

The Bride Wore Pearls (2012)

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About book The Bride Wore Pearls (2012)

Something like a 2.5.Coming into this series on the third book did me no favors. Often, with historical romance series, it doesn't matter much when you start the series, but it felt like a lot had been established already in earlier books.With this book, things just seem to happen, without me being able to figure out why. Most of the time this happens, it's because I lack the back story. Again, likely because I started in the middle of a series.(And, also, how much value would you give blurbs by other authors? This one had a blurb by an author whose book I marked DNF, which makes me wonder...)Considering the heroine was Indian, I was hoping for more attention paid to cultures, but with Anisha raised as an Englishwoman, and little page time given to her Indian heritage (even her children were obviously white), it wasn't quite as satisfying for me. I hate to say it, because I adore Liz Carlyle, but I couldn't get into this book. It starts off really slow. The romance started to pick up, but then dropped off somewhere in the middle of the book. The side stories and scenes seem to overshadow the love story. I really, really tried to like it. It just didn't work for me. The last 1/4 of the book was ok, but overall I didn't like the characters very much. Liz Carlyle is great though. I figure one dud in a list of masterpieces is allowed.

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It was an ok read.I got stuck at one point and wasn't. sure I would finish it. but its a good read.

A little slow but an interesting mystery in the story of Rance and Anisha.

Love the heroine Anisha. Strong, brave and not a victim.

A bit too much of the "tortured hero" for me. Just OK.

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