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The Bright Silver Star (2004)

The Bright Silver Star (2004)
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The Bright Silver Star (2004)
The Bright Silver Star (2004)

About book: SYNOPSIS: Tito Molina and Esme Crockett are the Brangelina of Dorset, CT. They're famous, impossibly gorgeous and married. They, their publicist, their fans and van loads of paparazzi have descended on the peaceful, posh village of Dorset for a few weeks of relaxation. However, after a midnight extra-marital tryst goes awry, Tito winds up at the bottom of a cliff very dead, the victim of an apparent suicide.Mitch Berger, newly minted resident of Dorset and movie critic for the New York Times is devastated. Although he viciously drubbed Tito's most recent film, he had gotten close to the troubled young superstar. He felt that Tito was an outstanding actor who was simply wasting his talent on big budget dreck. And there was the little matter that Mitch was the last (well second to last if you count Tito's murderer) to actually speak to Tito.Enter Des Mitry, Dorset's resident Trooper and Mitch's lady love. Des is called to the scene of Tito's death and is thus pulled into the investigation surrounding what turns out not to be suicide after all, but murder.Once again Des and Mitch team up to help solve a crime in the elite little enclave known as Dorset.REVIEW: This book is the third in a series following "Cold Blue Blood" and "Hot Pink Farmhouse." This was quite a fun little book which took me no time at all to read. I didn't really care very much about the characters of Tito or Esme since neither of them were at all sympathetic. But that really doesn't matter because this book, and the two others before it in the series, is really about Mitch's assimilation into the Dorset community and the evolution of his relationship with Des. Murder and Mayhem make for great plots, but the soul of this series is the three main characters: Mitch, Des and the village of Dorset.The plot of the story is really a by-the-numbers murder mystery. Long time mystery readers or even people with twisty minds will figure out the whodunit (if not the why-dunnit) very quickly. There are the requisite red-herrings and even a secondary plot involving post 9/11 vandalism against a Muslim couple. Who was Tito meeting that night? What is the real nature of his relationship with his wife? Why does Esme's mother hate the snarky publicist so much? Are the Crockets trying to manipulate Des and Mitch by revealing so much so soon? These questions are answered in due time.In the meantime, we get a picture of a closed and elite Dorset society willing to keep secrets and cover up scandals. We see the imperfections of a so called perfect family and many not so perfect "perfect" marriages. We are witness to the Peyton Place-esque bed-hopping of the residents and the murky tangled relationships that exist. In the midst of it all is Sexy Des, who tries to solve a mystery in her forthright, no-nonsense, take no prisoners manner. And Mitch, whose life-imitates-movies observations often bring the funny. Did I mention these books are quite humorous?The biggest minus of this book is that I wanted to see more of the residents we'd met in the previous books. This one did bring back Bitsy and her troubled ballerina daughter, Becca. But I really didn't recognize any other Dorseteers from the previous books.The biggest plus (other than the really cute relationship between Des & Mitch) is the continued evolution of Des' erstwhile partner, Soave. He was a jerk in the first book, by the second book he was actually human. And now in this third book you really actually like him.I highly recommend.

The Bright Silver Star is the third book in the Berger and Mitry Series. Mitch is settling into his new community in Dorset Connecticut. He is a film critic for a New York City newspaper. He has joined a morning walking group with three other Dorset citizens. Dez Mitry is settling in also to her new home and job as Dorset's resident State Trooper. Dorset is a prosperous community where newcomers will probably never really be totally accepted by the life long residents.I have now read the first three novels in this series. They start off fast. It not a series where you have to read about 100 pages before a crime is committed. The readers see the crime being committed in the Prologue of the book.The Bright Silver Star starts with two lovers meeting after midnight by a waterfall in a state park. One person wants to cut off the relationship and then is pushed backwards over the falls. This book contains many hidden secrets with Dorset's citizens. There are also two major young Hollywood film stars who are visiting Dorset and being trailed by paparazzi.Mitch and Dez are drawn into solving the mystery. I really like the character of Mitch Berger. He doesn't take himself too seriously. He seems to know how to relate to most people. Dez is a likable character too. She and Mitch are in a relationship. Besides being an excellent Trooper, she rescues feral cats and tries to find a home for them. Bella who is Dez's friend has moved to Dorset also. Would like to see her featured more in upcoming books as she is an enjoyable character too. Soave who was Dez's nemesis in the first book is now becoming quite likable. He is doing Dez's old job and one can see that he respects Dez for her ability to investigate and find answers. This book can be read as a stand alone but to understand the characters and their background would start with the first book The Cold Blue Blood. This is a very enjoyable serles.
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Started out like a pretty good novel and turned to trash a third of the way through. The author's voice totally changed when a "woman of color", as he expresses it, shows up to investigate a supposed suicide at the waterfall in Dorset Conneticut. Suddenly, characters are saying things like, "Word did I just choke in there?" The dialogue is unbelievable, even for the time period of 2003. And to make matters worse, I rented four other books by the same author from the library. The inscription on the second in the series reads: "This one is for Dave and Jo Drake, who've always treated me like one of the fam". I don't know if I dare brave another one.
Unaware of two prequels, I tried this on clearance and had fun with a completely different writer. I seldom read males and "The Bright Silver Star" is an unusual title. Oblivious to earlier volumes, I didn't detect an interracial couple for numerous chapters; a wonderful touch. I'm drawn to animal-rescuing hearts, people of integrity, and it was easy to like the key cast. Also as a reviewer myself, (Hi there shoppers!) I realize our interpretations don't resonate with everyone. I loved the self-assured, gentle manner with which Mitch stood by his article in the face of an aggressive retort.Perhaps being three novels into a series, I took time attaching to the story. I disliked several external players and one of them opened the novel; which one thinks is the protagonist. I got on board when narration tuned to the right voice. David Handler doesn't mind blunt dialogue, violence, and disturbing crimes therefore this mystery hits your gut.I don't think we could guess the heavy themes that caused despair. They are startling. I at least had no background on any of the cottage families. Multiple scenarios and culprits were successful twists. Even identifying the victims, of disloyalty and other horrors, is shocking. The community David has weaved is layered well enough that I’m pursuing the other novels.
The author has created a couple of terrific characters. Mitch Berger is a film critic who watches old movies about giant mutant insects when he gets depressed. Desiree Mitry is the local state trooper whose teacher has advised her to take a break from painting portraits of the victims of the murders she has to deal with as a way of dealing with the trauma, and to paint trees instead. The book is worth reading if you have become involved in the dynamics of these two protagonists or you are fond of movie trivia. However, the murder mystery is ho-hum with many of the characters seeming almost interchangeable. The bad-boy best actor of his generation movie star who is the bright silver star is simply not engaging enough to make a riveting story.
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