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The Burgess Boys (2013)

The Burgess Boys (2013)
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1400067685 (ISBN13: 9781400067688)
Random House
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The Burgess Boys (2013)
The Burgess Boys (2013)

About book: For what it was--the story of three siblings in the throes of their respective mid-life crises, it was okay. I never felt particularly invested in any of them, and didn't find their family dynamics compelling. I wanted to read the book because it was reviewed on public radio as well received by the Somalí community in the Twin Cities. While that may be the case, Somali characters were too far outside the central plot lines to redeem this lack luster novel. Maybe it's because I had high expectations but I really didn't enjoy reading this book. I didn't find the characters appealing and felt it was slowly paced and a bit choppy. I wanted to punch Jim in the face the moment he opened his mouth. I totally understood why Zach's father decided to flee to Sweden. If I had to spend time with these people I would flee too.Also, I find it so odd that this book is called the Burgess Boys despite the fact that they have a sister that's a pretty big part of the story. Why was she demoted?
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Never caught my interest nor enjoyed my time with The Burgess Boys. Just left feeling ehh.
Found the characters to be very believable and likable but it moved very slowly.
Not nearly as engaging as her other writing, but still very vivid characters.
Interesting characters, well developed, in depth family dynamics
The ending fell apart for me, but otherwise fantastic.
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