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The Burnt Orange Sunrise (2005)

The Burnt Orange Sunrise (2005)
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The Burnt Orange Sunrise (2005)
The Burnt Orange Sunrise (2005)

About book: The story and the mystery itself were fine, but the characters do not feel at all real to me. I loved the theme, though, best stated in this quote from Mitch, the film critic. "Hollywood keeps treating us like little children. That's how they rake in the big bucks -- by encouraging us to choose storybook fantasy over adult reality. And we're only too happy to comply because life is so much easier that way. It's easier to believe in miracle-diet cures than it is to exercise every day and eat right. It's easier to believe you'll win the Powerball lottery than it is to work hard for a living and pay your bills on time. It's easier to dream of some fairy tale romance than it is to apply yourself to a real relationship based on commitment and support and trust. And so we believe. That way we're off the hook. We never have to take responsibility for our own lives. And this is not a healthy thing."

Film critic Mitch Berger is invited to participate in a symposium honoring cultural icon Ada Geiger, a 94-year-old aviator, actress, and photojournalist. The invitations went out to Hollywood movers and shakers, music stars, and journalists from every media outlet around. The event is being held at an historic inn, a faux castle that Ada's former husband had built in Connecticut. But after Mitch arrives, the area is hit with the biggest blizzard in almost one hundred years. When the suspicious death occurs, Mitch finds himself involved in a classic manor house mystery. Mitch is not your typical amateur sleuth--he's chubby, out of shape, and hates guns. A winning series.
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I suppose this is a modern version of the British Manor House mystery where guests are at party and they get cut off by a storm, in this case a massive ice storm. Then the fun begins when people start dying. Mitch and Des are at a faux castle of a famous, but aging star for dinner. The guests are bitter and fighting, then the power goes out, and they're stuck there with all these unhappy people. A woman dies in her sleep, but then another is strangled. It's like a free for all of murders.The mur
David Handler's series is a treat to read. I love to revisit Mitch, film critic living in tiny Dorset, Connecticut, and his lover and beautiful black police officer Des. Their relationship is the backdrop to the adventures they get into. In this book, Mitch has been invited to meet nonagenarian Ada Geiger, a legendary film director whose family owns a faux castle a few miles outside town. Cut off from the rest of the world due to a relentless snowstorm, Mitch and Des find themselves in a frightening quandary when the dinner guests begin to fall prey to a murderer.
Its means, dear boy, that it is always a mistake to predict one's own future. Because if you can imagine it happening, if it is rational and makes good sense to you, then that is not what will happen.""What will?""Life will."Or death will. Nonagenarian Ada Geiger is speaking to her grandson and neither of them know what is in store for them except that the weather man has been right for a change and they are in the midst of a terrible ice storm that is to be followed by several inches of snow. They both have come to Astrid's Castle near the coast of Connecticut. They were meant be part of a large party of the glitterati who were gathering from both the East and West Coast to celebrate Ada's return from France. But now this is a party for murder
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