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The Canopy (2003)

The Canopy (2003)
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The Canopy (2003)
The Canopy (2003)

About book: I did like this book, but I struggled to determine if I liked it enough to give it a full four-stars or not. There are aspects of the book that I really-really liked, and there are other aspects that took me out of the story a bit. Ok, I'll go with 4-stars, since I think the positives far out-weigh the negatives.Overall, the book is very well written, and the plot is interesting and rich. I loved the details given concerning the scientific expedition, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the science and medical details that the author put into the book. I love it when a writer does their homework, and presents things with thorough details that bring reality and relevance to the story. I immediately connected with the main characters, and they became interesting to me so that I was eager to follow them through the story. I liked how the backdrop of Christian faith moved through the book, but wasn't preachy at all. The story was interesting and engaging, and I recommend it regardless of your religious views.One of the aspects of the story I really liked was the presentation of the main character Alexandra, and her view on Christians and Christianity. As someone who followed a scientific person who did not become a Christian until later in life, I found her attitude and reasoning to be very consistent with how I felt as a non-believer. I also liked how Michael (the other main character) who was a Christian, sometimes struggled with expressing his faith, or presenting his point of view. I found myself relating to both of these characters greatly.What I didn't like so much is that there were a few (very) significant times in the book where some very unrealistic situations happened. This was disappointing to me, in light of the work the author did to put so many details in to bring realism to the book.~SPOILER ALERT --- SPOILER ALERT --- SPOILER ALERT~The few unrealistic scenes in the book did seem so "off hand" that I just went, "wait a second...". When the expedition is attacked by natives, and several of their group is killed, it all happens so casually, and the characters barely react. Wouldn't you be terrified if you just witnessed several people you knew just murdered?While I was happy to see Alexandra's salvation moment, I felt it was a bit too soft. I would have liked to have heard more of her thoughts and reflections.

I unfortunately tend to approach "Christian Fiction" with low expectations because sometimes it can be a bit cheesy. This book actually was better than I expected. The story centers around a neurologist who travels with a team to the Amazon rain forest, searching the jungle for the cure to a particular brain disease. Sort of a medical mystery/ jungle adventure /faith journey all mixed up. I was drawn into the story more than I expected, and it kept me interested. The writing wasn't amazing, but not bad either. Plus an interesting take on contextualizing the Christian message for a completely different culture.
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Ugh! What I thought I was going to read, because this was what was advertised on the book, was a book about medicine, mystery, Amazon tribes, rain forests, and healing. What it is actually about is Christianity, and why people who don't believe in God are hopeless. And, the main character was just plain annoying! The contrived conversations were difficult to get through. Eye-rollingly difficult. And, the endless chapters of the main character thinking to herself when she couldn't sleep was just ridiculously repetitive.
I think Angela Hunt is a great author. Her writing is interesting and informative without being forced. This book especially must have required a great deal of research on the Amazon rain forest as well as medical research on prion diseases. However, this book was not quite as good as others Hunt has written (such as The Novelist and The Face). The ending seemed rushed and somewhat unbelievable, while also predictable. I love Hunt's Christian perspective, and will read as many of her books as I can find.
This book was almost really good--that being said, I did enjoy reading it. I loved the setting and the author had obviously done her homework on that aspect. It had potential. I enjoyed the scientific info on prion diseases and appreciated the research and knowledge that went into this aspect of the book. The end was way too predictable and not well developed. I was also bothered by the main character's hostility toward Michael--it was so unwarranted that it was hard to take seriously. I would have liked more development of the main character, too. We had some but I still don't feel like I knew her well enough for her to make complete sense to me.
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