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The Care And Feeding Of Stray Vampires (2012)

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires (2012)

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About book The Care And Feeding Of Stray Vampires (2012)

Iris Scanlon is a caretaker of vampires. She does the things that they cannot do during the daytime, shops for them and sets up maintenance. The Council also uses her services. She goes to the home of C Calix only to stumble over his body lying on the floor. He has been poisoned. She immediately helps him. He is an investigator for the Council, looking into some vampire deaths and murders caused by vampires. He gets her to hide him at her house so he can heal and try to figure out who is killing and how they are doing it. But Cal and Iris don't count on falling for each other!This is Half-Moon Hallow #1. I loved this story. Iris is a funny and seriously cool woman. Cal is knocked off his feet by her! I loved the relationship between Iris and her sister Gigi. The book was alright, but they would reference something that supposedly happened that I didn't remember reading. It just felt like I was missing something. I know it mentioned things from the Nice Girls series, but it was more that. One minute they're on the floor and the next he's got her up against the wall without any segway of them standing up, so I'm thinking they're just weirdly sitting against the wall.

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cute and fun, but cal was kinda ineffectual, thankfully iris was level headed.

I usually like Molly Harper.

I LOVE Molly Harper

Love Molly Harper!


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