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The Cat Manual (2012)

The Cat Manual (2012)

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Michael Ray Taylor

About book The Cat Manual (2012)

This advice manual for cats by cats is being shared for the first time by Michael Ray Taylor after finding it hidden on his mother's computer by her cat. Its topics include change, helping humans, gifts, reading, forbidden rooms, waking the human, the death of the newspaper, the vacuum cleaner, and more. This book is pretty funny and I found myself laughing out loud loud at times. Cleo sounds very much like my own cat, Finn, when it comes to some things! If he could talk these are some of the words he would probably say to me. The tricks section rings a bell because I was just reading an article about "teaching" your cat tricks with food incentives. Let's just say that these days, Finn doesn't put up with it! I loved this book and laughed many times. Obviously this man has been owned - and is owned - by one determined cat at a time or many cats together.I liked the way it was written as from one cat to another and recognised all the strategies described. :)Our 20 year old cat, Fuss, has obviously read this manual or a fore-runner and even at her vast age, is still capable of following most of the advice.

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I really loved this book. It was funny, entertaining, and was nice and short!

Eh. Moderately enjoyable about a cat who translates the manual for cats.

Very entertaining. A quick, fun read.

a must-read for every "Sucker" ;)

Very good! Quick read.

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