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The Climb (2002)

The Climb (2002)

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Book two in Gordon Korman’s Everest trilogy.The Story.This is it. All of the heartache and preparation that Dominic Alexis and his three comrades underwent at SummitQuest bootcamp has reached its culmination – they are headed for the top of Mount Everest!Of course, it’s not as simple as that sounds – first they have to fly to Nepal, then trek to the actual mountain, then spend time encamping at different levels on the mountain so their lungs can acclimate to the altitude.Dominic, being the youngest team member, struggles the most as the team heads from one camp to the next. Will he be able to hold out? Or has he come all this way for nothing?Discussion.Like I said in my review of the first book in this trilogy, the premise of Everest is a tad far-fetched. Four teenagers are chosen to summit the world’s highest peak as a type of publicity stunt. They are in this for the long – and ugly haul. At every hand they defy death – and occasionally thumb their noses at it.Despite the contrived nature of the scenario, I still enjoyed the story. The protagonists, though not yet adults, still have to deal with adult problems and perform at an adult level. They have to push themselves to their physical – and mental – limit. Climbing Everest isn’t a trip to the therapists; it’s life changing.When the climbers first arrive in Nepal, Dominic goes to a Buddhist temple to spin a praying wheel – in his mind, he’s willing to try for any help he can get. He is interrupted, however, before actually spinning the wheel. Later, a monk tells Dom that he has seen a vision of him with shiny silver coils all around him. This vision “comes true”. When stuck in a hard spot, Dom makes a wish to his afore mentioned vial of Dead Sea sand.Two boys dress up in a yeti costume and scare the rest of the team members. One reference to Halloween and another to The Terminator.The climbers come upon a dead body in chapter nineteen – it’s briefly described.There are several references to the rear end.‘God’ is used three times as an exclamation and ‘darn’ is used once.Conclusion. An interesting segue in the trilogy.Visit The Blithering Bookster to read more reviews!

Mount Everest. The tallest point of the Earth. Many of men and women have dared to conquer this massive beast and failed. The story follows a team of teenage climbers and their leader Cap Cicero, as they attempt to become the youngest group of people ever to scale Everest. For Dominic, the youngest member of the team, his dream of climbing Everest almost disappears as he is stuck at the bottom with HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) and barely makes it to the base camp. Dominic later in the book realizes his love for climbing which only makes him want to go more. Bad weather and delays plague the group and one team member, Tilt grows jealous of Dominic and starts sending emails back to National Geographic, who has sponsored the climb, accusing Cap Cicero of pushing Dominic too far, all of which have contributed to the delays. An exciting read. I certainly enjoyed this book and learnt a thing or two about climbing. Look out for Gordon Korman's third book, The Summit, where this dramatic series will conclude.

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I read this book because last year, one of my teachers was talking about it. But since at that time I wasen't interested into books so I didn't care. But now that I am more interested into books and I like to read mostly about action and non-fiction. I was looking for a book in the school libary and saw the book "Everest". I remembered what my teacher said and I read the back cover and got sucked into the book. The book created this magnificent picture in my mined. I quickly started to read this book and I could not stop reading it because of all the suspence it has. The words "Children" and "
—Edwin Garcia

This book was a very entertaining book! I like learning about all the things that can happened on Everest in this book. This was the second Everest book. This book was about all the kids in the first book but they are now being able to climb Everest. When they first get to Everest the youngest person to climb Mount Everest is there and all the kids are in aw of him. One of the kids in the group of them wanted to get to base camp 1 the fastest but he got sick and he was realy dissapointed he wasn't able to climb the rest. All the kids had felt so good about themselves after being able to climb Everest. I would reccomend this book to 6-8 graders. This was an easy and enjoyable read!
—Sam S

**Series book 2**The second book in the series begins the journey of the winners of the training camp to the great Mt. Everest. The rough journey to the top begins and Dominic is on his way to being the youngest person to climb to the top. The journey is a rough one, will there be deaths, who will make it to the top? "For one of the four climbers team members, it would be a final resting place."Korman kills it with this series and book two adds to the excitement. I cannot wait to put this on my shelf in my summer program classroom. The boys are going to love this series. I give book 2 five climbing ropes out of five!
—Rebecca Boliard

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