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The Coil (2012)

The Coil (2012)

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1623800218 (ISBN13: 9781623800215)
Dreamspinner Press

About book The Coil (2012)

4.5 Stars. I basically loved everything about this one. Very different, but right in almost every way. Loved Mattie and loved adorable Jamie and how he was depicted. Probably the only thing that bothered me, and it was a very small thing, was that knowing how much Mattie actually hated what he had to do, no one suggested viable alternatives that might have been available. With his love of art and talk of how beautiful he clearly wass from head to toe, I was waiting for someone to mention he could do art modeling for decent side money, it seemed an obvious thing that I wanted pointed out to him as an alternative that was not limited by a lack of formal education. Anyway, something extremely minor. I really loved this one, this is a new author for me, I'll look for more in the future because this was just beautifully done from start to finish. The Coil is the story of Simon, single gay dad, and Mattie, sandwich maker and prostitute on the side.I finished reading their story a couple of hours ago, and I've been mulling it over ever since, unsettled. Did I enjoyed reading this book? Yeah, sure. Just not quite enough. And this is, imho, the major problem with this story: its fastidious leitmotive of "not enough".Not enough sweetness to be sweet, not enough angsty to be dark, not enough romance to be a romance; and so on. That's what brought down the book for me, leaving me frustrated and irritated.Even much so considering how much I liked certain aspects of the story: Simon's relationship with his 4yo adorable and special son Jamie. I could really understand all the struggle and the love that goes into the taking care of a child with special needs. And Mattie, sweet and troubled Mattie, who succeeded into turning his life around against all odds. Truly inspiring.So, all things considered, I'm giving this book 3.5 stars.[3.5 stars]

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This story is soooo cute, loved Mattie and Simon, they were very endearing and the kid too.

This author blew my ever lovin' MIND!!! Damn, this book was good!!! Incredibly good!!

4,5*Simon was a jerk to Mattie more than one time, but is a lovely story

Uno de los libros al que le toleraría una secuela.

Beautiful. So ... Beautiful.

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