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The Cold Moon (2006)

The Cold Moon (2006)
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The Cold Moon (2006)
The Cold Moon (2006)

About book: This book is an intense murder mystery/thriller that keeps you guessing on every page. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, partners in crime, face an eerie case involving a killer who goes by the name of the Watchmaker. With unclear motives and horrific torture methods to killing people, as well as a clock and a note left at every crime scene, this criminal may very well be the most dangerous one they've encountered. With Sachs and Rhyme always just a half a step behind his plans, it's hard to say whether he'll ever be caught.Jeffery Deaver did an amazing job writing this book. It's believable,and full of eerie and interesting facts involving the history of time and watches, turning the Watchmaker into a very vivid character. All of the technological terms within the book, such as legal references as well as a look into the world of kinesics and forensics, seem as though they were written entirely by actual criminal specialists. His ability to have several well developed characters with seemingly different paths all tie together so beautifully and unexpectedly in the end was the perfect strategy to keeping the reader on their toes and turning the pages. The entire plot was completely unpredictable and never left out any details, which at times could make the book feel as though it was dragging on a little, especially when it became a little too technical with the analytical areas to the crimes. However the details were vital to build up and understand everything that was happening in the climax and end the book with no unanswered questions. My absolute favorite part of the book was the look Deaver provided specifically into kinesics. It was very interesting to be in the mind of Kathryn Dance, a kinesics expert, as she was interviewing suspected criminals. The way he went through the process of an interview and how to detect a deceitful criminal was extremely intriguing and well written. In my opinion, this book was certainly worth reading, and I would absolutely recommend it to any reader who enjoys a good thriller or murder mystery novel. Also, any person who watches a lot of crime shows would most likely benefit from reading this book as well. Murder mysteries and thrillers have never been my favorite genre, but based on this book, I would gladly pick up a novel by Jeffery Deaver any day.

Wow!! It's good to read such an amazing book. 2 thumbs up for Mr. J.Deaver.Misteri awal berupa 10 jam tik-tok antik dengan hiasan wajah bulan dan 10 cara penyiksaan untuk mengorek informasi. Sudah terjadi 2 pembunuhan yang ditandai dengan ditinggalkannya jam tik-tok di sisi korban, tetapi hanya ditemukan 1 korban sementara korban lainnya diduga masih tenggelam di sungai Hudson. Lincoln Rhyme disibukkan upaya untuk menyelamatkan 8 orang dalam list si pembunuh, sementara 'rekan'nya A.Sach memiliki 'kasus lain' yaitu misteri kematian pengusaha yang bunuh diri tetapi jandanya yakin bahwa suaminya dibunuh. 2 upaya pembunuhan lagi terjadi tetapi kali ini korbannya berhasil lolos hanya jam tik-tok yang tertinggal di lokasi menandakan keseriusan psikopat pembuat jam tersebut, sementara itu kasus Sach berkembang menjadi kasus polisi korup sehingga dia dibayangi masa lalu ayahnya dan mantan tunangannya yang juga korup.Aku suka buku ini plot awal sepertinya teka-teki untuk menangkap si psikopat tapi ternyata misterinya twisted. Kalau boleh aku gambarkan seperti film inception, mimpi di dalam mimpi, mimpi yang bertingkat. Misteri kali ini adalah misteri di dalam misteri, misteri yang bertingkat. Seperti jam yang diatur dengan teliti untuk menghasilkan suatu efek tertentu, makin rumit jamnya makin banyak efek yang muncul maka jam tersebut makin mahal harganya. Pada akhirnya mampukah Rhyme memecahkan misteri tersebut dan menyelamatkan puluhan nyawa yang sebenarnya merupakan tujuan akhir si pembuat jam.Satu hal lagi yang menarik, di seri ini muncul tokoh baru : Dance dengan keahlian kinesik yaitu keahlian membaca gerak tubuh kerap dipraktekkan untuk menginterogasi saksi maupun suspect. Menyenangkan sekali melihat cara kerja Dance 'mempermainkan' saksi2 yang menyembunyikan sesuatu, tidak ada yang tidak bisa dibacanya. Meskipun pada awalnya skeptis, Rhyme pun pada akhirnya mengakui pertolongan Dance pada kasus ini. Forensik vs. Kinesik. Mudah2an Dance muncul lagi di kasus2 berikutnya.
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One of the best things about Deaver is that he treats his readers with respect and doesn't dish out mediocre novels despite being famous.This book has a better pace and not over-loaded with information. Also nothing what it seems and the you like me might me prompted to think that the "watchmaker" is a complete dud..........but wait till you last 1/3 of the book.......This book had the most justifiable and delightful twists. Also i would comment that Kathyrn Dance had much stronger and impactful presence in this book than in the recently published "XO"
Wow. The Rhyme series just gets better and better. This is the 7th. This book is so full of twists and turns it kept my attention till the very end. You think you know what is going to happen and then twist. The story is about “The Watchmaker”. He recruits a partner who is a rapist. You think he is a serial killer taking revenge on witnesses who didn’t do anything when his wife was dying as a result of getting hit by a car in NYC. The story goes from there. Amelia is working another cop that lea
This is my first Jeffery Deaver book I've read(actually I listened to it!). This man sure does have some serious twists in his book, which I've been told is the norm for his books! Definitely creepy in parts and extremely twisted. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good book that you won't be able to predict at all! Thats all I'm saying cause I can't stand it when people tell too much and give it all away! Go read it! Or better yet, start out with his first Lincoln Ryhmes and Amelia Sachs book, that's where I'm headed next if I can find the audiobooks cause my husband will be mad at me if I just come home with the book!!
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