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The Compleat Crow (1986)

The Compleat Crow (1986)
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The Compleat Crow (1986)
The Compleat Crow (1986)

About book: I'm attempting to read Brian Lumley's Mythos series in some kind of chronological order, so I haven't read all of the stories collected here yet, but I've read enough to know that this is a decent collection. Titus Crow is an occult investigator in the vein of Flaxman Low, John Silent, Carnacki and many more classic 'psychic detectives' and his adventures in a Cthulhu-themed world are wonderfully enjoyable pulps. Here are my experiences so far:THE CALLER OF THE BLACK - A decent take on the classic M. R. James story, THE CASTING OF THE RUNES. The affectionate storytelling and fluid style count for a lot here.THE MIRROR OF NITOCRIS - Closer to Lovecraft, good old-fashioned cosmic horror.AN ITEM OF SUPPORTING EVIDENCE - Cosy ephemera with plenty of references for Cthulhu fans.BILLY'S OAK - A short, stand alone ghost story.DE MARIGNY'S CLOCK - Crime meets Lovecraftian monstrosities in an unholy concoction as two unlucky thieves get more than they bargained for...

Subterranean Press has gathered a collection of Brian Lumley’s stories in The Compleat Crow. As you’d expect, nearly all these tales feature Lumley’s occult detective, Titus Crow.Crow is the main character of a couple of novels by Lumley. He is a “white wizard,” a force for good who struggles mostly against those in league with the Cthulhu-cycle elder gods. Lumley’s style skates between Lovecraft-lite and an almost Holmesian tone. These eleven short stories were published mostly in the UK and range from 1969 to the early 1980s. Most involve Crow as the main character. Some are third-person; in some Crow is the first-person narrator, telling his own tale, and in a few he is the story-teller, relating events that have nothing to do with him. Notably, two tales use a third person narrator that is not Crow.“Inception,” the first story in the book, follows a fugitive ... Read More
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Ade Couper
I'm going to b a little controversial here - I think Brian Lumley is better at the short story than he is at the novel.These tales revolve around Titus Crow - urbane , intelligent , & a master of the arcane - an occult John Steed....& his battles against eldritch powers....Standout tales here are "The Viking's Stone" & "The Black Recalled" , but all these tales are well-written & very entertaining . There is definitely something of the Holmes or Nayland Smith about Crow , who is a flawed but engaging hero.Definitely worth a look.
Luis Dantas
Ah, eu já completei o livro. E é interessante sim, principalmente para quem se interessa por RPG com elementos de Cthulhu Mythos.A série de contos mais longos de Titus Crow é mais interessante ainda. "The Burrowers Beneath", que também já completei, é bastante bom.
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