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The Conference Of Birds (2011)

The Conference of Birds (2011)

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My favorite passage from the book:"Are we alive or dead?Where is that king with all the answers?We've come all this way.Let us see him!We made it through all those valleys!""Valleys? They were only an illusion, birds, a dream. We've been through nothing. We are just now at the beginning of our journey."Some birds could not believe it. On the spot, they lost all hope. They dropped dead and fell from the sky. Some kept flying. Some books are of few words. And they need few words to describe them. Because words are inadequate. And this is one of them."When you feel empty, you have to open up your heart and let the wind sweep through it.""The gravedigger was asked if you can bury love. He answered that he had buried many corpses over many years but has never once buried his desires.""The Valley of Understanding - Here we all choose a different way and different rules to disobey""How solid is our world. Yet is is nothing but grains of sand.""And they saw Simorgh the king, and Simorgh the king was them."Quest, love, understanding, detachment, unity, amazement, death. We discover, and realise the divine that is in us, that was meant to be.

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A lovely illustrated re-telling of an old Sufi poem.

Beautiful visual meditation on an old Sufi tale...

Preciosas ilustraciones

4.5 stars

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