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The Crayon Messages: A Visiting Teaching Adventure (2008)

The Crayon Messages: A Visiting Teaching Adventure (2008)
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Cedar Fort
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The Crayon Messages: A Visiting Teach...
The Crayon Messages: A Visiting Teaching Adventure (2008)

About book: This was a quick read. I was hooked almost from the moment I saw the cover & the title intrigued me also. And what did visiting teaching have to do with crayon messages??I work at a newspaper that is connected to a bookstore. I went out into the bookstore before the production day began & took it back to my desk to look at it. I found myself sneaking peeks at it during lulls in my work. I've worked there for 12 years & I have NEVER done that before. I finally had to remove it from my sight.It was wonderful. I think you almost have to be LDS though to understand the "culture" & some of the terms. Luckily I had heard of "Joy School" or I would have had to look that one up.ETA: This is a fairy tale. How many women would go to the lengths that Cath did to get 100%. She wasn't just out for the numbers, she truly cared. She was given 6 inactive women to teach. "Just send a letter." She got 100% face-to-face visits. Not only that, she reactivates 2 inactives, her daughter comes back from the brink, she can claim 2 converts & gets a teacher demoted to school cafeteria. Go Cath!!! Like I said, it is a fairy tale. Have you ever been lonely in a new place? Had your well-meaning actions misunderstood? Worried about an errant teen? Wondered if your best would ever be good enough?Then you can relate to Cath, the main character in "Crayon Messages" by Christine Thackeray. Despite the many challenges facing this mother of four, we can all feel inspired by her persistence. You'll laugh out loud as she battles toilet-papering teens, hot fudge, and her fears. This book is as fun to read as it is encouraging. I loved the characters, and hope the author writes a sequel.
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I wrote it. It was fun and I hope it opens mother's eyes to the value of their hard work.
A sweet & simple story that uplifts the soul.
I loved it!
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