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The Creeps (2013)

The Creeps (2013)
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1444751824 (ISBN13: 9781444751826)
Hodder & Stoughton
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The Creeps (2013)
The Creeps (2013)

About book: Aw! I loved the ending! I actually really enjoy this trilogy of Samuel Johnson and his friends. Intrigue and horror but hilarious and light, Connolly definitely hit every mark and then some with these. The end of this one though truly had me grinning with joy. *SPOILERS HERE* To know that Samuel and Nurd stayed friends after all that time was so precious and that he married Maria and omg I just loved all of it. Very awesome end to the series. To say I like Mr. Connolly's books is rather an understatement. I just paid a rather embarrassing amount of money to get a signed first edition of his upcoming book from the UK, just so I wouldn't have to wait until October to read the blessed thing. (Ok, and for the companion cd. I'm such a sucker.)One thing that impresses me is the diversity of his storytelling. I love the Charlie Parker series (see above), with all its darkness, violence, and strangely charming assassins. Then, we have the Samuel Johnson series. Do yourself a favor...if you're depressed, read these. The humor is dry and witty, so if you prefer yours scatological, these books might not do it for you. They do, however, do it for me. My neighbors probably think I'm nuts cackling to myself alone in my apartment. Also, even though it features demons, and hell, and whatnot, I would let my kids (if I had any that weren't furry, that is) read these. The feeling of hopefulness and camaraderie between the characters never diminishes no matter the circumstances. All that, and I now know how to pronounce Worcestershire sauce correctly.
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Just a bit of creepy fun, like books 1 and 2. One of the few books that can make me snicker.
I got the sense Connolly got tired of Samuel Johnson versus the Demons of Hell.
Hilarious. Delightfully silly and yet intelligent.
A totally satisfying conclusion!
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