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The Cry Of The Halidon: A Novel (1996)

The Cry of the Halidon: A Novel (1996)
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The Cry Of The Halidon: A Novel (1996)
The Cry Of The Halidon: A Novel (1996)

About book: Robert Ludlum, come già detto molte volte nelle mie precedenti recensioni è un maestro indiscusso del genere spy-story, tanto da meritarsi l'appellativo di "Mr. Plot", signor complotto. . I suoi libri sono stati tradotti in 32 lingue in oltre 40 paesi. Il totale delle vendite dei suoi libri supera i 200 milioni di copie. È diventato celebre per la serie di romanzi The Bourne Identity ai quali sono stati vagamente ispirati tre film. In questo libro, esce un po' dai suoi classici scenari e ci racconta la storia di una multinazionale interessata allo sfruttamento del sottosuolo ricchissimo della Giamaica, di una squadra formata da eminenti scienziati e di alcune morti misteriose, infine ci sarà la leggendaria tribù degli Halidon, con una ragnatela che avvolge l'intero pianeta...La narrazione è avvincente, molto complessa e si rischia un po' di perdersi. La trama si snoda in modo imprevedibile, anche se a volte i risvolti assumono contorni esagerati; purtroppo il finale non è degno dell'intero libro.Diciamo che sono rimasto molto spiazzato da questo strano genere a sfondo ambientalista non ti tipico di quest'autore e dunque fosse stato scritto da un altro avrebbe meritato un voto più alto.Di sicuro non il più bello che ha scritto. Solo per i fans di Mr. Plot.

action packed. the tale of the halidon lurking at every corner of the world is far-fetched. why? the assassination of several key figures around the world. do you think that a black man is not noticed every time an assassination occurs? the halidonites are black, and it seems to me that it is impossible that such black people are not noticed lurking before the assassinations. and how the hell alex mcaullif learned to become familiar in "spy ways" in such short notice? it's impossible, since it takes time training just to be deployed at the field. and dunstone having MI5 agents on their payroll and at the same time assigned ? impossible. such far-fetched conspiracy. when you make a conspiracy at least try to make it look realistic
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This was a dark book with savage rituals and culture... in other words Ludlum tries to infuse terror of the African wild to Jamaica. Alex is a geologist who is hired to go to Jamaica to do a geological survey. Once there he discovers things are not as they appear.The last survey group sent by Dunstone, the company that has hired him, had vanished completely out of sight. He is also pegged by the British Intelligence who want him to do a little snooping for them. The Cry of the Halidon isn't the normal Ludlum affair and indeed there are far far better books written by him, all I can say is... this book wasn't boring and you do want to find out what exactly 'Halidon' means...
As a writer of fiction, it is important to me that I read the masters. Robert Ludlum’s “The Cry of the Halidon” was originally written in 1974 using the pseudonym of Jonathan Ryder and the story is just as believable in today’s world as it was back then. Reminiscent of some of Alistair McLean’s work, I’m impressed with the way Ludlum uses a well researched setting and develops his characters. He moves the action right along and you never really know who the actual good guys and the bad guys are until the end. I’m a fan of this genre and I think this is one of Ludlum’s better works.
McAuliff has been given two million dollars for a geological survey of Jamaica's dark interior. All Dunstone Ltd requires is his time, his expertise, and absolute secrecy.But British Intelligence is aware of the deal, and they've let Alex in on a secret: the last survey team Dunstone despatched to Jamaica vanished without trace. For Alex, it's too late to turn back. He already knows about Dunstone - which means he knows too much.From the moment he lands in Jamaica he is a marked man. But who wants him dead? In an island paradise where even a beautiful woman could be a spy, Alex's only clue to survival is a single, mysterious word: Halidon...
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