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The Cursed Towers (2000)

The Cursed Towers (2000)

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This is a VERY busy book. The focus splits often between characters, there are some very tragic events and more then a few surprises. The main focus is on the war and even that is not a straightforward focus since there are four forces to contend with. Lachlan must decide how to defeat the Bright Soldiers, punish Margrit of Arran for her betrayals, and locate the Grand-Seeker who is gathering an army to restore Maya's child to the throne. Attacks from the Fairgean are a factor too but as you will soon see, not in a way that you might expect. Meanwhile, Isabeau is on an adventure of her own, separate from most of the main storyline, and it too contains a lot of twists, turns, and surprises.Again, the characters impressed me. These books really suck you into the individual story lines and make you care about each person. Even Maya has qualities that make you, if not sympathize; at least partially understand her motives. You will not find too many light moments in this book. That is to be expected considering that it is primarily about war, but still, there are a few inserted skillfully to help break the tension. Overall, this book is much darker and much more complicated then the first two. My review here:Dragons, Heroes and Wizxards

After breezing through The Pool of Two Moons, it took me forever to get through The Cursed Towers. That being said, it doesn't reflect the book's contribution to the series.I have some issues regarding the constant recap of events and beliefs that to be honest we should know by this point. I feel like we were somewhat cheated by the lack of insight into Isulet's troubles dealing with the war alone but other than that u was satisfied with the direction of the story.The ending? There's still another 3 books and (from what I can tell without looking ahead) I have very little idea of what will happen between the end of the book and the red comet invasion.A wonderful read nonetheless.

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Lachlan the Winged has won the crown, but with the land is still divided, his campaign is far from over. While he adjusts the responsibilities of a kingdom and prepares for war, he becomes increasingly short tempered with Isabeau and Bronwen. Isabeau, unhappy in Iseult's shadow and fearing for Browen's safety, flees with the toddler to seek out the Khan'cohban, and inadvertantly, finds her destiny.At the end of 'Pool of Two Moons', the story seemed at a close. However, 'The Cursed Towers' shows there are still many more compelling threads to explore: the war, Lachlan's hostility toward Isabeau and Bronwen, Maya's machinations, and so on. It is a rare series that switches gears so well, with a great plot (still packed full of action) and continued character development.

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