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The Cypher (2011)

The Cypher (2011)

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1450748589 (ISBN13: 9781450748582)
Julian Rosado-Machain

About book The Cypher (2011)

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.This is the first in a series of young adult fantasy books. It’s the story of 15 year old Thomas who has lived with his grandpa since his parents disappeared. They both get a job with Guardians Inc. and that’s when things get interesting.I liked the characters in this story and it was easy to picture them from the descriptions given. I think my favorite character would have to be Killjoy. What an interesting woman! Thomas is a typical 15 year old in some ways but he’s also mature beyond his years in others, probably due to having to deal with the disappearance of his parents as well as having great support from his grandpa.There were quite a few grammatical errors in this book but I still recommend it to readers of all ages. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series, Guardians Inc.: Thundersword. I must admit I enjoyed reading this book even though it had a few structural pitfalls that kept it from getting five stars.This book read like something for a middle school audience even though the main character is nearly sixteen. The characterization was loose and more emphasis was placed on punchy dialogue and crazy action than on developing the story.Thus, the pitfall. What is the story problem? This is the first book in a series and it reads like a set-up story. Rather than having a problem the character solves by the end of the book, we just see the character accepting that he is stuck with Guardians, Inc. Coming to a place of acceptance is a decent character arc but there needs to be a story problem that is solved along the way. We find out the opposition is stronger than suspected. A girl the main character likes ends up working for the wrong team. All perfect things to add conflict and tension but they are not big enough to be the story problem.I probably would have given a lower rating to most books with this big of a plot issue. I just enjoyed reading this too much to ding it that heavily. Will I invest time and money in other books in the series? Maybe. I like the shallow characters and think the story has potential - if the author decides to tell it.

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probably better than my review but it just didn't grab my attention

Entertaining in spite of its been there done that feel.

Teen sci-fi adventure. easy read. fun

very interesting read.

I'd say more of a 3.5.

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