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The Daemon Prism (2012)

The Daemon Prism (2012)
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The Daemon Prism (2012)
The Daemon Prism (2012)

About book: Wow. What can I say. I had to stop bringing this book along on the subway when nearing the end, as it was hard at times to stop shedding a tear or two over this gripping tale. Carol Berg seems to get better and better for each book!This is the last of a trilogy, filled with fascinating characters. It feels like losing good friends having spent time with Dante, Anne, Ilario and Portier, who we follow through all three books - meeting new friends like Andero on the way. I find it too hard to summarize the plot, but let's just say it is about magic in faintly 18th century fantasy lands. Berg describes the magic so that it is just as bewildering for the readers as it is for the characters in the book! Carol Berg is always good, but the Collegia Magica trilogy is outstanding! Wow. I'm still reeling... Nice ending. I'm in two minds about this book - even though I saw it coming from Volume 1, I am uncomfortable with stories about gods whether those postulated to exist on Earth or those in other fiction. At least, we didn't have actual gods speaking, although "daemons" or "angels" are nearly as bad. Over all, the three books were exciting, and, as always with Carol Berg, the characters were exquisitely drawn.
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Okay, but disappointing in that it was not as good as the first two books of the series.
meh, didnt make it past page thirty or so, main character is very unsimpathetic
Took me a bit to re-immerse myself in this world, but worth it.
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