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The Dance (1998)

The Dance (1998)
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The Dance (1998)
The Dance (1998)

About book: It would probably make more sense if I'd written a single review for the three Final Friends books, seeing as they're real sequels, not just related novels. Unfortunately for me (since it's a suspenseful crime story), I've only managed to come by them one by one, and I tend to review as I read, so there you go...As you can probably guess, The Dance only takes us deeper into the mystery, scattering possible hints and raising the stakes, without offering any actual answer or certainty. In other words, it builds momentum for the third book's final big revelation.This is efficiently done, but not excruciatingly so, either. There is a healthy dose of high school drama to relax the atmosphere, so that somewhere between a death/murder and a near-deadly accident/murder attempt, we almost forget that there might be a killer lurking out there. Instead we get caught up into the competition for homecoming queen, SAT exams, basketball practice and first kisses. More cheese, you might think... In a way, yes, and for our greatest enjoyment; in another, not so much. I was surprised to find several instances of the author's sharply critical distance from his characters' all-American occupations and concerns.[...] Jessica again searched the stands for Michael. She thought he probably wouldn't attend the dance―he had never struck her as the type that went in for big phony gettogethers―but Nick was his friend, he should have come to the game.Other interesting elements in The Dance, in my opinion, include astronomy and basketball scenes. Which goes to show that even light, entertainment fiction targeted at teenagers can benefit from those little bits of extra knowledge (aka trivia) that make a story realistic and rich. No, you don't want to lose your readers into the full details of something too specific, but you should, when you're writing a novel, take the time to explain things that go beyond mere character interaction. Few things annoy me more in amateur fiction than a character described as a basketball player who never plays basketball, or a supposedly straight-A student who hardly ever seems to give any thought to homework and school.To the inexperienced eye, the wisp of light in the center of the field of view of Michael's telescope would not have looked significant. Because it was so far from the sun, the comet's frozen nucleus had no tail to set it apart from the star field. It was its position―its changing position relative to the unchanging stars―that had initially caught Michael's attention.

After the horrible death at the party last year, everyone hopes to start off new. With the prom coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to do so. Jessica is hopping to be the queen, and Sara has had enough with being in charge of everything and trying to find a date on top of it. After a bad run-in with Russ, Sara loses the money for the dance. She enlists the help of Bubba while Jessica is stressing over little details from dates to her glasses.tThis is the second book in my three in one book, and it was awesome. I couldn’t put it down with all of the drama and suspense, as there is a little thrown in. I really liked this book and I hope all who read it like it as much as I did.tFirst of all, if you’ve read the first, you should read the second book in the sieres, so I recommend it to people who’ve read the first one. Also I think this series is meant more for girls than boys and that if you like drama books, this is the novel for you. Also Nancy Drew fans might like it with its modern high school spin on a tragic murder. Also this book is a little older, so 8th through 12th might read it more than the little kids.
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WHAT?! I thought someone was gonna die! Not just be paralyzed! Like yeah I'm glad Maria's not dead..but still. can she be soo mean to Jessie? Can't wait for the next book! I'm glad Russ and Sara ended up together..but I don't like Clark he's creepy!
I loved this book almsot as much as the first. I finish these boks so fast, I usually shock myself. I satyed up to read this book, and I can't wait for "The Graduation" if I can ever find it. The characters were even beter in this one, but the ending was a big shock. I must know who did it, it's killing me. I just couldn't beleive what the victim in the end said to the others. Such a shock, but I guess thats what happens after trama. Pike is great at capturing the high school look and the way people act when somthing happens. :)
Here are somethings I noticed/remembered/liked/disliked about this book.Let's see...Noticed1] Again this book isn't really about the murder as it is about getting to know the characters more and then there's this horrible accident.2] Bubba is not a good best friend.3] Parts of the book are a little racist...hmm...Remembered1] That Clark wasn't the killer, so the ending of this book *spoiler* where he finds his yearbook and figures out where he goes to school didn't really surprise me, I also don't remember being surprised the first time around, which tells me that I knew Clark wasn't the killer then.2] Jessica and Michael almost kiss/kiss, however you want to look at it.3] The girls in this book series are really weak...all of them.Liked1] Michael, always have always will2] Strangely, that these books really aren't very suspenseful. I like the fact that we get to know all of these characters BEFORE something bad happens...we like the characters more.3] All the sub plots that in some way tie in to the murder of Alice.Disliked1] could I have ever thought of her as a role-model...this realization has made me kind of sad.2] *spoiler* there's a girl that has sex, gets pregnant and her male counterpart pays for her abortion...this whole subplot seems to be taken pretty lightly and it seems that she is sadder that people find out than she is about the whole experience itself, I would have liked this portrayed a little more realistically and, frankly, more in-depth or not at all.3] The accident and how I couldn't remember how it happened or how Maria acted so harshlyBook Three soon to follow...
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