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The Dark Defiles (2014)

The Dark Defiles (2014)

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0575077948 (ISBN13: 9780575077942)

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Just finished this, and havent really made up my mind about it yet..I feel like listening to it as an audiobook wasnt the right choice for this series(even though it was really well narrated), I have a tendency to walk around while listening and at times I get distracted and miss a couple of sentences here and there and that's not the best with a series where clues are only given once..It would have been better to take it slow with the book physically in my hands, taking notes, and stopping once in a while to try and figure out what exactly is going on.. There are so many plots within plots, complicated magic, lore and history, and none of the characters sees anything resembling the full picture.. Its one of those stories were the truth isnt necessarily as important as the deluded theories the characters act upon.. It must have been hell for Morgan to keep track of who knew what when - when he wrote this..I´ll give the series as a whole 5 small stars, the last book 4, and my own performance as a reader 1...The ending wasnt quite as satisfying as I had hoped, but I'm sort of content with what I got and I think more is to be had if I had read better between the lines..Definitely reread material.. In this, the last book in his “A Land Fit for Heroes” trilogy, Richard Morgan continues down the path he started in “The Steel Remains”, proving the irony of his overarching title. Along the way, he carries on gleefully twisting every expectation of the fantasy genre. By now readers will know not to expect the protagonists to be particularly straight, caucasian or especially heroic or to do what is expected of them either by the reader or the genre’s conventions. Morgan also pulls of a neat trick of bringing the very nature of fantasy itself into question by providing just enough clues to blur the nature of the narrative somewhere between myth and science fiction. “The Dark Defiles” is not an easy read. Morgan expects his readers to keep up with a large cast of characters and two previous books’ worth of world building and action, but those that stick with it will find a very satisfying story and a fitting conclusion to a very well done series.

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Great read, great characters, I wrote a longer review on Amazon

Nothin' like the Scaled Folks

A very thrilling read.

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