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The Dark Discovery Of Jack Dandy (2013)

The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy (2013)
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The Dark Discovery Of Jack Dandy (2013)
The Dark Discovery Of Jack Dandy (2013)

About book: Awe! Jack Dandy admits to having a softness in his rough veneer, no thanks to Finley! At one moment he's thankful and the other he curses her. On the assignment, he takes on from a "friend" of his despised father, Jack learns of another life at stake and decides to take matters into his own hands... via Finley's gang. Well, he wouldn't want to completely ruin his reputation! He must keep up all appearances for the sake of his occupation. To say much more than that would give up to much of the story.Steampunk machinery, Whitechapel, taking on jobs, finding the humanity within one's self, providing service (for a price), a chase, fear of being caught, showing who's boss, keeping up appearances, feeling responsible for a life other than your own.A fun short story about Jack Dandy. I was a little late to discover that Kady Cross had written this novella, The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy! And anything to with Jack Dandy and The Steampunk Chronicles I am very much interested in reading!!This one takes place prior to The Girl with the Iron Touch, a book I read months ago as an ARC, so my memory is a little poor--who'd thought memory gets worse when you read so much! But luckily, I remember that conclusion fairly well, so knowing the true ending to this little novella was great! But if you haven't read The Girl with the Iron Touch (TGWTIT) and plan to, I recommend reading this one first!Basically, in this one we get to know the mission or job Jack performed that led to the events of TGWTIT. Jack is to deliver a large crate to a train station and that's it. The task is a little more difficult than it seems when he gets chased by humans and a few automatons as he's leaving!While not much really happens in this one, we do get a little more insight to the man that is Jack Dandy. His feelings regarding Finley. A little bit of his past and relationship with his parents or lack thereof.We also get to see what he thinks of the "item" that was in the box. I don't want to give it away in case some of you have yet to read TGWTIT. But it definitely makes me swoon for Jack a little bit more, if that's even possible! I am very much looking forward to the next book in the Steampunk Chronicles! Also, according to Amazon, there's to be another novella releasing in November, The Wild Adventure of Jasper Renn! That's bound to be another quick and intriguing tale!Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars
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A fun novella for one of my favorite characters in this series.
A fun look into the life of Jack Dandy.
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too short!
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