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The Dark Farewell (2010)

The Dark Farewell (2010)
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1605049441 (ISBN13: 9781605049441)
Samhain Publishing
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The Dark Farewell (2010)
The Dark Farewell (2010)

About book: *this is the review of an audiobook*I was listening to this book while driving from New York to Maine. It was an eight hours journey that I dreaded to make but because half of that time I spent listening to this book it flew by very fast. The story is fascinating, writing is beautiful, narration is exceptional. I highly recommend it and on the way back I'll definitely listen to another Josh Lanyon book. Would have given this one four stars but the ending killed one of them. First and foremost, it just ended. Like, in the middle of a chapter kind of ended. So, ended without really ending. It peeved me so bad I was tempted to only give one star, but up until that point I had pretty much enjoyed the story and been able to ignore niggling little details. One of those (actually not so little) details was the killer. Or, to be more precise, the last murder attempt. Granted the whole premise is that the murderer is steadily growing more insane but to have him one minute being perfectly logical, rational, even kind, then next to him throwing all that out the window to attempt to murder where and who he did...well that seemed a little too convenient and not terribly realistic. *shrug* Which I could have dealt with, but then BAM!! the story is over. Just. Over. Leaving me irritated, unsatisfied and terribly disappointed. Julian deserved a more detailed ending. *huff*
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Great read--left a star off for the abrupt ending, which drove me nuts.
My review of The Dark Farewell will appear on my web site soon.
All I can say is, noooooooo how can it end like this??? :'(
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