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The Dark Knight Rises: The Official Novelization (2012)

The Dark Knight Rises: The Official Novelization (2012)

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About book The Dark Knight Rises: The Official Novelization (2012)

That's how a novelization should be written! Greg Cox doesn't add any new scenes that weren't in the movie itself but he lets the reader peek at the characters' thoughts and emotions. I wanted to learn more about Talia and Bane and I did a bit, most importantly though, their genuine affection and devotion to each other was confirmed by this book. And we also learned more about John Blake and Commissioner Gordon! Batman and Catwoman have never been a big draw for me in this book/movie so I appreciated that other characters got so much space.Basically, if you liked the movie, you will like the book. So I watched The Dark Knight Rises in theatres and was blown away. After dissapointments with The Amazing Spiderman and Prometheus it felt good to watch a good film since The Avengers. Whilst strolling through Wall-Mart with Dark Knight fever I stumbled upon the novelization and immediately bought it. And I must say this was worth my money. Even if you have seen the movie already I would recommened that you read the book. Basically the book is exactly like the movie but in page format. Though as you read through the book you can't help but get the Christopher Nolan feel as you read it. The Chills still go up your spine reading as Bane crashes a plane and when Batman and Bane duke it out in the sewers. A couple things are a bit different like a classic line in a trailer or two not said or a situation done differently like when John Blake and Batman free the buried cops.What is though a huge credit to the book though which lots of fans of The Dark Knight wanted is the fact that the Joker is widely mentioned in the book. Several times Bane and his ambitions are compared to the Joker and his "Joker Killings" which surprisingly influenced a lot of things in The Dark Knight Rises. There's even parts where characters will wonder where the Joker is and Catwoman even thinks that the Joker was locked up in the defunt Arkham Assylum and later escaped. But who knows what really happened to the Joker since he is never mentioned in the actual film despite the fact that him screwing characters minds is still in effect. Which leads to Bane being able to exploit it for his own gains.Another thing I noticed in the book is the fact that Selina Kyle is called Catwoman more often. Well by the narrator at least but Bruce Wayne still refers to Selina as a Cat burglar. But I don't know there's just something natural about Selina being referred to as Catwoman when she's in battle with Batman. The book overall is a great ride like the movie and worth your cash. Well I got it cheap but even if you get it at another store The Dark Knight Rises novelization is great. Very much this book could stand as a novel on it's own, but everybody loves good films too (at least I know I do). If your a fan of The Dark Knight Trilogy or of Batman then please get this book, read it at least, it will pass lots of time.

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Concise and true to the movie, perhaps a little bit too literal with it's descriptions.

weird discrepancies with the movie otherwise pretty much par for course

Fantastic. Just as good, if not better than the movie.

Loved the book and the movie :)

A fun read, loved the movie!

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