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The Dark Monk (2012)

The Dark Monk (2012)

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0547807686 (ISBN13: 9780547807683)
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I actually bumped the first book in this series up to four stars in relation to this one. I liked it a little more.The mysteries themselves are good/keep you guessing/second guessing at times, but it can get a bit bogged down at times with all the historical things and setting the tone of the time period/place.That said, there are also a lot of modernisms to the speech, so it is more accessible than reading it in ye olde english. It could be a product of the translation, or it could be similar in the original German. I tend to view it as a choice to make it easier to read than it might have been otherwise in more antiquated turns of phrase.I like the whole idea of the hangman in these books and his daughter Magdalena is a side character, but she's feisty and I like her. Vivid descriptions as well as a solid historical and ecclesiastical knowledge of the period make this a fun read and I would definitely read more from this author. My only difficulty is with the character set up for driving the plot. Given the description of the Hangman, and a somewhat secondary but very interesting character, the doctor, it's hard to understand how the Hangman's daughter is important to the story. Obviously her presence is partially in response to the assumption that no one reads, watches or listens to anything without a love/sex interest--a false and boring generalization. But the plot would work better with her as a secondary character and the Hangman and the Doctor taking center stage. This makes aspects of the plot and character development awkward and forced and it is quite obvious. Like a painter going back to his picture and sticking swatches of color on with scotch tape.

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This is the second of a series about Jacob Kuisl and his family and town in Bavara, mid-1600s.

this one is not as good as the first one, but picked up in action towards the end.

Well written historical fiction that is also a mystery- whats not to love?

liked the 1st hangman daughter book better

Interesting but not as good as the first.

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