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The Day Jesus Rode Into Croydon (2013)

The Day Jesus Rode Into Croydon (2013)
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The Day Jesus Rode Into Croydon (2013)
The Day Jesus Rode Into Croydon (2013)

About book: I've heard comparisons to Rankin about Daryl Gould. I'm not sure I agree. The plot is fantastical in parts but still realistically based (Rankin could lead you anywhere). But like Rankin the comedy monets are circumstancial and character driven, not straight one liners. I would describe it more a funny Palahniuk or Welsh. Story wise, brilliant and well deserving of five stars, glad to have read it. Why arent books like this more readily available? I'm fed up with the same tired nonsense put out by publishers i.e. spy stuff etc. Yes I know it sells but that doesnt mean its any good. This on the other hand I came across via amazon and i was initially hesitant because i'd never heard of the guy. Regardless, I gave it a go and simply put Wow! Got be one the best books Ive ever read and the end just blew me away. Give it a go, a great read.
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Just finished it, a good attempt with a good plot device.
Brilliant and an unexpected joy. Not your usual genre
My God, this is good.
Loving it so far
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