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The Dead Do Not Improve (2012)

The Dead Do Not Improve (2012)

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About book The Dead Do Not Improve (2012)

I experienced the story as I experience my memories of visits to San Francisco: flashes of photogenic scenes with odd people doing puzzling things. They might or might not understand the meaning of what they do and how they are seen by others, but I certainly don't understand as the outsider. Which leaves me free to interpret my own meanings from Kang's slideshow scenes. It is a brilliant story. My psyche's vault of created memories now holds Kims. This is one of those books where the plot is only a way to get the theme across. So while you could criticize it for having a weak or confusing plot, the author offers valid social commentary on things from gentrification to the existential panic of wanting to be a writer without going through any traumatic experiences. Also, it's one of the few books I've read that succeeds in straight up insulting its audience without making them (or at least me) close the book. Definitely a great read.

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Fine. Not great but good enough that I kept reading to figure out what happened.

What the heck was this? Not my thing.

maybe later

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