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The Death Of Bunny Munro (2009)

The Death of Bunny Munro (2009)

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About book The Death Of Bunny Munro (2009)

This novel is darkly humorous and sexually perverse whilst providing an unlikely story about a boy and his father who share the same name – Bunny. I can’t say this novel impressed me as much as Nick Cave’s acclaimed “And the Ass Saw the Angel”, but it was still an amusing read. Bunny Munro personifies sexual perversity and his own self-interest above any other quality. While this makes him a highly entertaining character and a great salesman, it also makes him a poor husband and a questionable father. Bunny’s atrocious behaviour and obsession with vaginas thankfully does not seem to influence his son’s optimism and unique world view. The son – Bunny Jr. – is a much needed touch of humanity to an otherwise dark story about an alcoholic misogynist who was most likely a key factor in his wife’s suicide. Overall this novel is strangely endearing due to the bizarre ending and Bunny Junior’s unquestionable love for his father. It is so difficult to describe this book… the reader I was both disgusted and morbidly drawn to the character and storyline. Bunny Munro is a distasteful, immature sex addict who after the tragic death of his wife can no longer navigate his way sensibly through life, unfortunately dragging his very young son Bunny Junior into a chaotic and dangerous lifestyle. It is hard to know if Nick Cave’s writing is undeveloped or if he is a master? At times I just wanted the book to end and I was convinced the book had only been written because of Nick Cave’s reputation as a singer and yet this story will not leave my head. I find myself constantly ruminating on the way some men genuinely think of women as play objects or for their own sexual gratification and yet like Bunny Munro when they think of these events there is such a strong level of justification and almost respect for what that woman brought them in that moment. As I said it is both repulsive and morbidly fascinating. The end for Bunny builds no tension or climax, it just happens which is similar to the whole storyline as Bunny stumbles his way from one disaster to another. As the backcover describes this is a book full of horror and perhaps some of the worst of humanity. This book will divide readers like few others.

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Actually I only read the first page - YUK! Not to my taste - rubbish!

Hahaha!!! What a scream. I simply loved it. Such a fun read.

What's with the description??

I can't wait to read this

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