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The Demon's Bargain (2011)

The Demon's Bargain (2011)
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Lisa Alder
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The Demon's Bargain (2011)
The Demon's Bargain (2011)

About book: Start to a series as a sci-fi/romance novella, so I found this one confusing. Demons and Fae are enemies. Demons had been imprisoned for thousands of years beneath the earth apparently and were freed during earthquakes 10 years prior, causing a complete blowout of technology on the surface with the humans, leading to the new post-apocolyptic present, complete with Demons and Fae still fighting and humans third on the food chain. Both Demons and Fae somehow get energy from humans. Our story is Amara being utilized as payment of a debt to the Demon Vetis by her horrible abusive husband. In the payment, of course (yeah, it's a romance, what else?), Amara and Vetis fall in love. As this is a start of a series, much about Demons and the apparent coming war is left up in the air. I would really give this probably 3.5 stars. The plot the okay, but the book was short. There was just not much there. It is, however, a creative new world to real about. First.. I'm never quite sure how to rate books on here when they come in at 3.5 (or any other .5 score for that matter.) This one wasn't quite a 4, but 3 seems kind of low. Hmm.... I suppose that's a debate for another time. The Demon's Bargain may have been short, but it definitely wasn't lacking in content. I guess my only problem with it, and what essentially kept me from giving it a full 4 stars was that things went a little fast. I know that she was being seduced by a demon (a very patient, thorough demon at that) but she had some serious issues with sex in general so Amara's total turn around just seemed like it should have taken a little longer. I know, I'm probably over analyzing it, but that's just how I felt when I finished it.The story was great otherwise and it made for a perfect late night quick read. It also got me interested in what happens next so Demons Unleashed definitely warrants some further reading. I received The Demon's Bargain as a free download from Amazon on April 10, 2013.
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Very sexy read with a good storyline. Really well developed characters and great start to a series.
Enjoyable, quick easy read. Kept my interest.
For me, it was a 2.something stars.
short, complete. lustful
Hot read!
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