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The Desire Map (2000)

The Desire Map (2000)

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About book The Desire Map (2000)

Reading this now after struggling for quite some time with a debilitating illness. It's certainly rearranged my perspective on my life and I know I'll need to reinvent myself as I'm getting well because nothing has the same meaning to me as it did before. Desire has me questioning myself- all latex down, in my most elemental form. I'm sure I'll be revising my notes along the way but this book really helped me to reevaluate. I have been following Danielle LaPorte online for years. I have heard her speak in person, and been wowed. I have been the blessed recipient of three Pay What You Can days, with The Firestarter Sessions (which I then also bought as an audiobook), Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, and The Desire Map. Turns out, I don't really like to read books on my computer. I prefer good, old fashioned paper. And so when the Desire Map was released in December of 2013, I ordered a paper copy for myself immediately, and because I was so enchanted with the program (and wanted to give back for all the lovely PWYC day gifts), I ordered a paper copy to give to a friend. Then the Day Planner for myself. Then the e-book version for a friend. Then the audiobook versions of the Desire Map Experience and Desire Map Daily from Audible, because I love audiobooks. Then 5 more planners to give away to friends. And 6 workbooks to use and give away to friends. Love, love, everywhere.THE WHOLE PREMISE OF THE DESIRE MAP IS CRITICAL INFORMATION FOR THE SELF-AWARE. Let me say it again: The Desire Map is critical information for the self-aware, and for those wishing to become more self-aware. I devoured the book in about 3 days, and then took about a week to feel my way through the workbook. And it's a complete game changer. A total 180 transformation. 1. How do you want to feel? 2. Set goals that will make you feel that way, through every part of the process. 3. End of story. (Sort of.) Simple. Beautiful. Magnificent. Transformative. Danielle has tapped into something that has been spewed, yet in actuality, missed by the multitudes in all but lip service: it's all about the journey, not the destination. (OK, it's a little bit about the destination…but only if the journey feels the way the destination should feel.)The Day Planner fits in so beautifully with the whole system of Desire Mapping. I now have someplace to put my to-do lists…and they no longer feel burdensome. They feel energized. My to-do lists are generated first and foremost from my Core Desired Feelings, and then from my year’s intentions and goals. So my monthly intentions, my weekly goals, and my daily to-do lists – they make me purely vibrate with a Soul connection I didn’t realize was possible.Danielle has given voice to a concept that has whispered to my Soul forever: I am more, there is a better way, this can all be deeper. She has painted the yellow brick road that will guide us each to the home of our own Desire. She is the Wizard, showing us that we each wear our own ruby slippers.

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I like the overall idea of the book. The rest of it is kiiiiinda silly & ridiculous.

Great book for mapping out your TRUE goals based on your core desires.

In the end, more well-marketed psychobabble.

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