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The Devil Of Kilmartin (2010)

The Devil of Kilmartin (2010)

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Laurin Wittig

About book The Devil Of Kilmartin (2010)

What a truly beautiful story this is. The hero and heroine both have bad things happening in their lives, the hero believes he has been cursed with madness, and the heroine is being chased by a man who wants to force a marriage between them so that he can become the head of their clan. It's only through helping each other that they can find safety, happiness, love, passion and well being. There are twists and turns galore, tears of happiness and sadness, and an altogether captivating read. You don't want to put the book down once you start it. Definitely worth the 5 stars I have given it. Absorbing Highlander Romance!This was Wittig’s debut novel and it's a good one. It won the National Readers’ Choice Award for short historical romance, though at 263 pages, it’s not too short to interest me.Set in the Highlands of Scotland in 1307, and mostly at the Kilmartin castle, it tells the story of a beautiful auburn haired woman, Elena of Lamont, who has great healing power in her hands. Her own clan’s leaders would use her for their own purposes; and, at her father’s death, a ruthless man, seeking to be clan chief, decides he will have Elena to wife to gain the power that her father had. But Elena hates him and hates being used so she flees…right into the arms of The Devil of Kilmartin, the chief of the Lachlan clan, Symon MacLachlan. Symon is plagued by violent head and stomach aches that he believes Elena can cure. He wants to bind her to him by offering her sanctuary, and perhaps more. And then there is the prophecy about flame and madness mingling to make his clan prosper…Wittig draws a fascinating picture of clan life and the historical setting of 14th century Scotland. But the emotions that run through the characters are timeless. This is a well-written tale that will hold your attention from page one. I recommend it.

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This is my first Laurin Wittig book. The story was predictable, but still enjoyable escapism.

REally good book I read it in one sitting because I just had to find out what happened!

I couldn't stop reading this book. So very good.

I'm partial to this book -- it was my first!

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