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The Devil's Workshop (2000)

The Devil's Workshop (2000)

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0380732211 (ISBN13: 9780380732210)

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This novel is one of my favorites by this author so far. You could tell he really did his research about train lines and hobos and their intricate system of communicating through symbols on bridges and whatnot. It poses a very interesting look into the life of a hobo riding the rails for a living.The protag learns her father, who works at a secret bio-weapons site in Maryland, has committed suicide. She takes matters and the investigation into her own hands, and teams up with two hobos somehow - I can't really recall how - to help her with the investigation.I do plan to read this one again, as I retain so little from a single reading of a book. I'd like to get back in touch with this one because of the extensive use of the rails in the plot. I love reading about subcultures and societies that we don't typically hear about in our everyday lives. I also remember the characters being interesting and deep. If you can take this horrible, shallow review of the book and use it for anything, just take away the knowledge that I do remember really liking this book - right up there next to or more than King Con. And I'd definitely recommend it to Cannell fans and seekers of good fiction alike.

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