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The Doctor Makes A Dollhouse Call (2000)

The Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Call (2000)
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0312974930 (ISBN13: 9780312974930)
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The Doctor Makes A Dollhouse Call (2000)
The Doctor Makes A Dollhouse Call (2000)

About book: Author Robin Hathaway won the St. Martin's Malice Domestic prize, and later an Agatha Award for the first book in her Dr. Fenimore series, charmingly titled The Doctor Digs a Grave. It isn't a breach of protocol to read the second book in the series before the first one, is it? Well, that's what I did, in any event. I read the oddly titled THE DOCTOR MAKES A DOLLHOUSE VISIT first. I was in the mood for a light and entertaining mystery, and it did deliver the goods! It isn't too long, it kept me guessing, and the detective, a Philadelphia doc who makes house calls and humbly does sleuthing on the side, is quite likable. The title alludes to the fact that the murders are being staged in advance in an elaborate dollhouse owned by the elder Pancoast sisters, longtime friends of the doc. When the sisters, and their extended family, are seemingly being targeted one by one for... murder (of course), the sisters call on their longtime friend's detective skills for help.To learn how the doc helps them -- or not, you'll simply have to read the mystery yourself. I'm not saying! Myself, I'm heading out to look for that first Dr. Fenimore book. It'd be such a crime to miss it!
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