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The Doubt Factory (2000)

The Doubt Factory (2000)
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The Doubt Factory (2000)
The Doubt Factory (2000)

About book: I read The Doubt Factory in one sitting, which is saying something because I am by and large not a fan of the current YA genre / publishing category. That said, I thought this novel captured a lot of what YA should be, from the page turning/thrilling way of writing, to the coming of age narrative which here takes the form of realizing what kind of world and work Alix's father really inhabits. I was impressed by the way the author manages to convey the teenager-enthusiasm with which Alix and the other characters grabbed onto an idea, while simultaneously highlighting that much depends on points of view and moral gray areas. “This book gives a fictional look at a number of teens, attempting to let people know that it really is NOT fair for companies to promote drugs that have been proven dangerous – particularly for their families. One teen, whose dad is the head of one of those PR companies, thinks the other teens are crazy, until she researches and discovers that they may have a point. A great mentally stimulating book, makes you think about how PR works!” —Jacque at KDL’s Cascade Township branch
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His other books were soooo good. This book was not. I almost didn't even bother to finish it. Sad.
Saw this at Book People, Penny and I thought it looked interesting. Have others here read it?
Well... not my favorite of Bacigalupi's books. I much prefer his dystopian novels.
Enjoyable. I liked the premise.
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