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The Emergency Teacher: The Inspirational Story Of A New Teacher In An Inner City School (2007)

The Emergency Teacher: The Inspirational Story of a New Teacher in an Inner City School (2007)
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The Emergency Teacher: The Inspiratio...
The Emergency Teacher: The Inspirational Story Of A New Teacher In An Inner City School (2007)

About book: Christina Asquith recounts her decision to leave her career path as a journalist at The Philadelphia Inquirer to "change a life" as an emergency certified (read: no training whatsoever) teacher in one of the lowest ranked middle schools in the country. What follows is part heart breaking clarity of what is truly wrong with the school systems and why there is a teacher shortage; and part bizarre homage to the teaching guru Harry Wong and various writers from the Inquirer. Her references to both of the latter seem forced and unnecessary to her story. Despite being, for a professional journalist, some what unable to stick to a clear time line, her observations about the broken education and support system for not only the nation's students but its teachers are illuminating and shocking. After reading this book, it is hard to know whether to throw yourself whole-heartedly into the nearest inner city school or to run screaming from the entire profession as fast as your legs will carry you.

If only I were shocked by most of the stories she tells about working in an inner-city Philly school, but after having worked in New Orleans public schools for just a couple months, I'm really not.The author hits the nail on the head, if you ask me. She was in exactly the position I am now, young and idealistic and suckered in to taking on an extraordinarily difficult teaching position, suckered in by believing she could make a difference. Which you can, but it's easier said than done. New teachers are set up to fail. So much is so systemically wrong that all you can do is your best by your students and even then that may not be enough.She lasted a lot longer than I did. I only lasted a week. I may go back to a school like that eventually, but for now I'm just looking for a charter school or suburban public school where I can get my bearings as a new teacher.
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