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The Epidemic (2012)

The Epidemic (2012)

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About book The Epidemic (2012)

Not bad! A lot better than book 1! Poor Liberty just can't catch a break. Dahlia is crazy as hell and delusional and Po, the sick ass bastard.... Dahlia have him doing drugs and thinking the world is out to get him all over a piece of ass! I read most of this book in one night( so its good), i've laughed and thought that Po is the typical man, get a nasty freaky whore and lost his mind. When he lose everything then he'll see the error of his ways!..... well On to book 3, lets see who lives and who died. Note: there is an error where if your not paying attention you may be lost for a bit, in the bathroom airport scene the author writes "liberty, when I'm certain it should be Dahlia because liberty wasn't there" "Murderville 2, The Epidemic" was a great book. I was pleased that Liberty was able to be freed from the evilness of Samad and able to continue living her life without worrying about Samad finding her. I love how the authors tied Liberty and Po together because they both had similar past experiences in which they both could relate to as far as the loves that they both recently lost. The climax of this book was when Po and Liberty went to Sierra Leone and found Liberty's cousin, Dahlia. Finding Dahlia and meeting Dahlia's husband Omega was a joyous occasion for Liberty and a business come up for Po, so they thought. This visit became the beginning of their worst nightmares and changed their lives drastically. Dahlia's jealousy and deceit toward Liberty lead to an ugly obsession that she had for Po. I truly enjoyed this book and anticipating part 3.

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It kills me that we have until July for the next installment.....

This was very good. It amaze me how good you two are together.

Gotta read the 3rd book! Dahlia is ruthless!

I love this book!!!

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