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The EveryGirl's Guide To Life (2011)

The EveryGirl's Guide to Life (2011)

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0061870781 (ISBN13: 9780061870781)
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About book The EveryGirl's Guide To Life (2011)

There were parts I found very informative and helpful. I also liked how she talked about empowering yourself through self sufficiency. Which seems obvious but I have read books that promote the opposite, (for example that women shouldn't learn to change a tire. as long as she is pretty, she should always be able to find a helpful man.) However her personal stories, were a tad self aggrandizing. Little blurbs about how many celebrities she has met and mostly stories of how she has always been in the right and none about her personal growth as a successful woman in Hollywood. However if I remember right she did get hired on to entertainment tonight super young so her writing a book on her journey does make sense. She does have some valid stuff to say it's just surrounded in fluff. The tips and information in this book are simplistic (boyfriends like girls that let them watch sports) or for the wealthy (steam showers and screening rooms for everyone!). I think Maria looked at the world and decided women were lacking common sense do she wrote some basic things down to help the Everygirl. If you are a Maria Menounos fan definitely give this book a read, you'll appreciate all the horn tooting she does.

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surprisingly excellent - got lots of great tips from this book and inspiration to stay organized!

I couldn't take much more. Don't bother.

This is a terrific book and so helpful!

Every women should read this!!!

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