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The Fab Life (2000)

The Fab Life (2000)

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About book The Fab Life (2000)

If you have enjoyed other novels by Cambria Hebert then DO NOT read this series. Seriously don't. The characters are so cardboard you could pack your dishes in them and move house. Practically all of the characters have the exact same speech about their love and admiration for the heroine and repeat that opinion verbatim throughout the series. Kihanna as a heroine is not particularly likeable, she has the emotional depth of a gnat and seems to get over devastating tragedies instantaneously - she's not so much on an emotional see-saw as a roundabout which is teeth-grindingly annoying throughout the series. There are quite a few continuity mistakes in her relationship woes too. If you survive until the end of the series you'll know what I mean.The quality of the writing is not great, I have read other works by Cambria so I know she's capable of better. This reads more like the work of a hormonal teenager writing her own wish-fulfilment fantasy and has no depth whatsoever. There are lots of grammatical errors and badly structured sentences which I find particularly distracting. The identity of the stalker is pretty easy to spot too, you would need an IQ of 2 to miss what's going on.This first book in the series is ok but I don't recommend going any further - learn from my mistake and avoid this series, her Rock Star series is better. I was expecting more intrigue from this book, and less angsty romance.Well, I mean obviously I was expecting *some* angsty romance. But gaaaaaah. Most of the book was nothing but Kihanna trying to figure out what the hell was going on with her love life. The intrigue doesn't really start until the last 5 - 10% of the story, at which point I was just ready for everything to be over already.There was not a single character in this book that I didn't want to bludgeon. Ty was a douchebag, Gabe was annoyingly smug, and Toby was just creepy as hell. Even Kihanna, who's supposed to be the one likable character in a sea of self-important snobs, was obnoxious.Look. I understand the fact that the majority of the characters are supposed to be terrible people. That's the entire purpose of throwing Kihanna, who hasn't grown up rich like the other characters, into the mix. As pretty much everyone in the book is fond of pointing out, she's pure compared to the rest of them. She has morals. She has a line she won't cross.Except she doesn't hold on to those morals for very long. She goes on and on about saving herself for her true love, yet is willing to sleep with Ty after two months, just to make him happy. She says that she won't change how she dresses to please people, yet she starts to memorize and recognize designer brands. She gets drunk, she judges people based on the cars they drive to school - things she never would have done before she was Kihanna Evers.And Kihanna's moral decay could have made for an interesting story. It would have been fascinating to watch as she realized that she was heading down a slippery slope, and that by the end, she wasn't any better than the rest of them.That's not what happened, though. To the end, despite all of the bad choices Kihanna made, everybody continued to hold her up as a paragon of virtue, an unobtainable ideal of perfection. Nobody learns anything from her mistakes, least of all her.Add to all of that the fact that every single male her age (including her step-brother, Toby) wants to sleep with her, and she was just an entirely insufferable character.I'm perfectly willing to admit that maybe it's just me. Plenty of other people seem to like this series, and good for them. It just really wasn't my thing.

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this book was o good.i dont even have a words to describe it right now. this was a really good book.

I cannot wait to share this story with everybody! I hope you will love it as much as I do!

Exciting, mysterious, and keeps you constantly wondering what will happen next!

This book is great.Whoever reads this book will love it.

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