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The Face Of Chaos (1984)

The Face of Chaos (1984)

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About book The Face Of Chaos (1984)

Book 5 of the twelve orignal TW anthology novels starts a plot arc with "mysterious invaders" that show up, look like fish, and don't do much else. TW isn't a series with a big-picture focus, though, so the presence of these invaders is more or less artfully *shown* through the new gritty experiences of the now-familiar cast, though some favorites are missing from this volume.C.J. Cherryh's "Necromant" is the turd of the bunch, sprawling and hard to focus on. Janet Morris, of whom I am seldom a fan, turns in a palatable entry this time with "High Moon," which dangles a promise that Tempus and her other horrible characters are gone. I'm sure they'll be back though.The other stories are good little adventures, though as a whole don't give much shape to a story arc; the invading Beysib play roles of varying importance throughout, but of them we're shown no conflict, action, or resolution.

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