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The Faerie War (2013)

The Faerie War (2013)

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I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as the others - I don't always enjoy books that deal with the character forgetting what happens (as a reader, I'm continually thinking "yes, you do know! Can I tell you?"). I oftentimes find that books dealing with memory loss don't allow the author to further plots and sub-plots because they are unable to reference previous occurrences and jokes from the rest of the series. However, I didn't find this book to be that way. I loved the connection in the story of Nate between the first and last books - how Violet started off calling him "Mr. Draven Avenue," and he eventually took on the name of "Draven." That is definitely a better name for the evil character than "Nate." There is definitely a theme of nicknames and their significance throughout the series. I also was surprised and pleased at the ending of the series. I feel as though the Tilly's role and amount of time in the books could have been further developed, as well as Violet's future with a new job, etc. at the end. However, overall I did enjoy this book and especially the series as a whole. 4.5 stars from me on this one.Now, I loved this series and the second book in the series was definately my favorite. I loved this book and loved this book and then one of the last couple of chapters appeared and I wanted more...I'm not really sure how to get into what bothered me about the part that bothered me without being spoilerific so I just wont' explain it.I loved Ryn. I loved Vi. I even loved Jamon and how he really grew within this novel. I didn't trust Oliver for the life of me; I'm not sure why, but I just didn't. You'll have to check it out for yourself to see if my mistrust was right on or not.This series is worth checking into and it is so SO loveable. I'll definately re-read the series as a whole since I loved the characters.

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