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The Fathomless Caves (2002)

The Fathomless Caves (2002)

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As we come upon the sixth book and conclusion of the witches of Eileanan series, Maya the Ensorceler is at large and the Fairgean are bent on destruction of the human race. A final war that will decide the fate of Eileanan looms ahead, and the Fairgean call upon dangerous forces that can not be controlled. Iseult parts from her husband to beg for help from her own people at considerable strain on their marriage while Isabeau must come to terms with her past and struggle to complete her sorceress training. (I still feel Isabeau got the short end of the stick, although she accepts and is happy with her lot.)The author does a great job elevating the Fairgean from 'the enemy' to a people with their own version of the truth and reasons for vengeance. The plot meanders a bit in places, but the epic battle is amazing. As a whole, the novel is a bittersweet, satisfying conclusion to the series. It is a rare series that is solid from beginning to end!

I am a little conflicted by this book. I found it difficult to put down, and the author used tension all throughout the build-up of the story brilliantly, but I found the climatic battle of well, the series, to be disjointed and hard to follow. The resolution then took too long to wrap up, and I would have preferred slightly different choices have been made. A more concrete, and final ending would have been nice, but what was there was good enough. I'm glad I read the series, but I think it will be a while before I want to read something written in Scottish brogue.

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This is book number six and the last book in an excellent series. I have enjoyed all six books very much and this final one did a great job of wrapping up all the story lines and finishing on a high note. Kate Forsyth is very good at drawing characters and I have become quite attached to some of them over time! It was good to see happy endings for many of them although there was realism too and a few did not make it through the final conflict. It is not often such a long series can remain solidly good all the way through but I think this one does.

A good end to the series. I find myself torn along the way. The first book really had me excited for magic, the second book fell short, I was dragged along in the third, the fourth gave me a little boost of 'maybe,' the fifth gave me hope back, and the sixth wrapped it all up. This series was very epic and I did very much enjoy the new magical species, new ideas, and characters. However there was very long and boring political war bits. In the end, there were some things I just loved and some things I HATED. So this leaves me in the middle. But I suppose since I read all six of them and didn't abandoned it, that speaks for the series itself.

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