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The Fifth Assassin (2013)

The Fifth Assassin (2013)

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0446553972 (ISBN13: 9780446553971)
Grand Central Publishing

About book The Fifth Assassin (2013)

Audiobook. I'd read the first book a long time ago. It didn't go over a ton of the last book, which I actually liked, even though I don't remember a lot of the details of it. Still, I knew who the main players were and the gist of what happened, so I was never lost. Plus, this is actually a whole unique story that simply builds on top of what previously happened. Listened to it while I worked and it was good for that, though not something I'd choose for funsies. It did jump back and forth in time a lot and perhaps spent too much time on the past part, that was a bit boring. Good narrator though in the audiobook. Intricate plot, imaginative, excellent writing, believable characters with flaws and motives for their actions. Well researched and plausible story line, good subplots between the protagonist and antagonist and others.My one objection was the rapidly increasing switch from present to past as the story neared the end. A little of that is good, and in the first half of the book, the technique worked well. By the last quarter of the book however, the rapid switching was noticeable to the point of annoyance because there were so many cliffhanger chapter endings. I felt it broke the continuity and took me out of the story as a reader.

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Not sure what I expected, but I enjoy his other books more than this one.

good story, but sometimes the character dialog was a little tired

I am hoping there is another in this series??!!

Not one of Brad's bored with it.

Kept my attention.

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