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The First Battle (2014)

The First Battle (2014)

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0062063537 (ISBN13: 9780062063533)

About book The First Battle (2014)

Out of the many warrior books that have been published, this novel is one of the better ones. In the beginning it mentioned that war is unavoidable and it will happen. Then the story goes and starts building more and more tension until the expected climax. The unique part of this that I really love about this book is that it also switches to the antagonist's point of view. So not only do we know why he does what he does, we also get to see a more human, or believable, cat character. From a long series, this book is one of the newest additions. A prequel of the first Warriors series, it outlines how the warrior clans came about. For some reason, even though these books are not even that full of adventure, I find them super addicting. I have no idea why I am so drawn to them, maybe just how beautifully illustrated the front covers are, but I nave been reading them since grade 4. "The First Battle" has some adventure, mellow romance(it is about cats after all), and lots of suspenseful scenes. But seriously, I love this series for some reason, maybe if you tried them, you would understand. Or maybe it is just me. But awesome book.

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I really love all of her warrior books. I just wish they would come out faster. :-)

Warriors fans can never get enough of these books. Love em, love em, love em!

Review by D.B.: "I like the cover and the first chapter."

Rating: 90% (4.5 stars)


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