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The First Law Trilogy (2008)

The First Law Trilogy (2008)
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The First Law Trilogy (2008)
The First Law Trilogy (2008)

About book: Wow, I'm at awe with this author. His writing is so simple and yet so effective, raw, and unforgettable. The characters in this trilogy are incredibly flawed, sometimes outright villainous, and yet, somehow, we manage to fall in love with all of them. We are right there with them in their most embarrassing, painful, and low moments, so we can't help but feel as though we know them intimately. The battle scenes in these books are so well-written that I felt as though I was literally right in the thick of the action. I'll have to reread this series again sometime, the experience was just that awesome and fun! Hated this trilogy! The first two books were okay and I was expecting the story to take off during the last book. The characters all got what they wanted and nothing worked out in the end. Every book shouldn't have a happy ending, but this was horrible. I never felt attached to the characters because they were so irritating and they weren't developed. The book is mostly fight scenes and back stabbing. By the time I was halfway through the last book, I started reading a sentence or two each paragraph and didn't miss out on any of the story line. I just wanted to finish the last book since I finished the first two. There isn't a great magic system or whole new world created. Most of the magic has "leaked" from the world so I'm not sure this should even be called a fantasy...maybe a fake fantasy...?Just. Don't. Read. It.
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I really enjoyed this trilogy, great story, great characters, great read.
A good trilogy, but the female characters were flat and poorly realised.
Awesome. Like Game of Thrones but more Grimdark.
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